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Feasibility studies of either regional or local impact have been used to assess the development opportunities of selected area s of Greece ( Macedonia and Serres ) , Italy ( the Po valley ) , and France ( Bas Rhône-Languedoc ) .
This is a long-standing phenomenon in Germany , for example , along the Rhine valley , in France ( in the Rhone valley , lower valley of the Seine and the Loire valley ) and in Italy ( from Milan along the Po valley and to Bologna and Florence ) .
I ask Parliament to declare this and, with regard to the people I represent, the people of the Po Valley, we are against the use of any base that is situated in our territory.
But close study reveals that only southern Germany and France have land available . This is not the case elsewhere , either bec ause of the population density ( Po valley , Rhône valley , Rhine Neckar — , etc . ) or because of the relief or fragility of the environment .
Subject: Call for emergency intervention by the EU in relation to the drought in the Po Valley
This sea collects all the water from the Po Valley , where , because of intensive farming , extensive use is made of chemicals including nitrates and phosphates .
Mantua and Sabbioneta, in the Po valley, in the north of Italy, represent two aspects of Renaissance town planning: Mantua shows the renewal and extension of an existing city, while 30 km away, Sabbioneta represents the implementation of the period’s theories about planning the ideal city.
Under the influence of the burgeoning Socialist movement , workers in agriculture , particularly in the Po valley , contributed to the development of the organization of labour .
The typical area for growing Riso del Delta del Po extends over the easternmost cone of the Po valley in the Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions, on the land formed by residue and deposits from the River Po. The area is bordered to the east by the Adriatic Sea, to the north by the Adige River and to the south by the Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi Canal
Unrest amongst farm hands from the Po Valley
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