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Definition and similar words in English:

(rare, perhaps nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of ajar.
Common misspelling of ajar.

Example sentences with "ajarred", translation memory

I' ve left my door ajar indicating my trust for you, which you' ve well earned... in days past, escorting me so reliably
A door ajar to the right afforded a glimpse of a living room, with some more Mexican trash in a corner cabinet and a striped sofa along the wall.
Opening the door and holding it dexterously ajar with her foot, she shot through with the loaded tray, singing in a loud and not particularly tuneful voice, her own version of a sporting song.
Gary and Ajar were the same person, didn' t you know?
Germ line gene therapy is for the moment banned , but here too the door remains ajar .
We would like it to be a majority government and we will leave the door ajar for the Democratic Party (DS) to join us at another stage, if it is not possible at this moment, " Labus said
" Hmm, that' s weird.Why don' t I just approach the mysteriously ajar door? "
The door was left ajar.
The closet door hung ajar, blankets on the chair.
I said, "You can't just walk into the market and buy talent in ajar."
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