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Definition and similar words in English:

(rare, perhaps nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of ajar.
Common misspelling of ajar.

Example sentences with "ajarred", translation memory

If the window had been open or even ajar, I should think nothing of it; but, no - all was hermetically sealed.
He could almost Mayen was in the doorway, which was ajar.
One hand touched the stone of the ancient stairway, one foot followed; the highlander was only feet away, still unsuspecting, the outer cellar door was ajar and unguarded.
Views of mountains beyond the outskirts and a feeling of being at the heart of city life on a pedestrianised street, lively with tapas bars but far enough above it all to leave the doors ajar and still get off to sleep.
Security alert Back door ajar
The pack, indeed, was discovered open, and nearly empty, and a small door, communicating with a room adjoining to the one in which the peddler had been secured, was ajar.
They didn't appear to move; it was simply that in one instant they were lounging ajar, and the next they were tight shut with a clang that shook the horizons.
The Court of Appeal is the court of second instance; the supreme courts in Abkhazia and the Ajar Autonomous Republic and the appellate courts in Tbilisi and Kutaisi have the jurisdiction of courts of appeal
Germ line gene therapy is for the moment banned , but here too the door remains ajar .
Do you know your front door' s ajar?
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