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Simple past tense and past participle of arbiter.

Example sentences with "arbitered", translation memory

Those changes have in particular transformed the role of judge from that of a neutral arbiter, as it is under common law, to that of a real participant in the procedure, both at the pre-trial preparation stage and during the trial itself
I therefore regret , on behalf of the Socialist Group , th at in one Member State — the very one now holding the Presidency of the Community and which , accord ing to Community traditions , should be acting as arbiter and as the driving force for the building of the Community — is dragging its feet on the pretext of finding a solution to the Danish question .
For international road transport as a whole a dual system was introduced , on an experimental basis , in 1977 after prolonged negotiations ( Regulation No. 2831 / 77 ) : there is now complete freedom among several Member States in respect of rates for the carriage of goods by road and , among several others , a bilaterally negotiated system of bracket tariffs for which the Commission plays , as it were , the role of arbiter .
Support by staff associations for the independent arbiter role of the Commission was dealt a large blow in pay disputes between the government and the CSC Pay Research Bureau (PRB) that was created under Heeney in 1957.
God is the arbiter of our success
The right of self-determination was reserved for the inhabitants of the Territory, who were the only and final arbiters of their future destiny
The parameters we emphasize are (i) the production of seeds and asexual stems (both of which, we argue, are a function of basal area density), (ii) the dispersal of seeds by wind (or the dispersion of asexual stems) as a function of distance from source, (iii) dormant seed bank capacity, (iv) organic layer depth as a determinant of germinant mortality and asexual bud response, and (v) shade tolerance as a partial arbiter of the density of advanced regeneration.
This is necessarily true of all constitutional democracies."(54) In the Court’s view, if the legislature and the executive, the political branches of government, were allowed to be the final arbiters of Charter compliance of their policies, "it would seem the enactment of the Charter affords no real protection at all to the rights holders the Charter, according to its text, was intended to benefit.
The element OPI is used as the final arbiter for records disposition only and does is not responsible for the stewardship of the record through the other phases of its information management life cycle.
It was useless to impose values on a society or an individual that were alien to its beliefs, and no culture should proclaim itself the arbiter for all
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