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Definition and similar words in English:

Simple past tense and past participle of arbiter.

Example sentences with "arbitered", translation memory

Ordinarily he wouldn' t but I was his arbiter of succession
"My dear wife," he says, "be the arbiter of my pleasures like you are already the arbiter of my days and my destiny.
In such cases, the PSLRB becomes the neutral arbiter.
To allow an administrative tribunal to decide Charter issues does not undermine the role of the courts as final arbiters of constitutionality in Canada.
The Final Arbiter Of The Trade-offs Must Be The Informed Society, Including The Mothers.
Ratings agencies are not arbiters
Mr. Briones Vives (International Association of Jurists for Western Sahara) observed that the Security Council had not fallen into the trap of entertaining the possibility that the Moroccan population moved into the Territory could be the final arbiter of its destiny and, rejecting the so-called framework agreement, had reaffirmed the generally-held view that the only solution was direct political negotiation between the parties to the conflict
One of the most critical contributions of the Organization is to enter a conflict, or its aftermath as a committed- but not controversial- arbiter
This diversion is designed to conceal their subjugation to imperialist aims and the appointment of the EU, the USA and NATO as arbiters. All this exposes our country to threats and pressure designed to extort money in exchange for full participation in the imperialist schemes, which have been becoming even worse since the NATO Summit in Bucharest.
This is necessarily true of all constitutional democracies."(54) In the Court’s view, if the legislature and the executive, the political branches of government, were allowed to be the final arbiters of Charter compliance of their policies, "it would seem the enactment of the Charter affords no real protection at all to the rights holders the Charter, according to its text, was intended to benefit.
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