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Definition and similar words in English:

Plural form of selfie.

Example sentences with "selfies", translation memory

Now that the girls are all on their own, I feel that for my own selfI must come to this decision, though I don' t take it lightly
Of this1 000 t were melted down in the arc furnace of the selfis 50 m long and has a shell diameter of 3.6m. m .
* TUP , the DKR 1.3bn technological development programme launched in 1986 , has five relevant projects on : technology assessment of selfservice in the financial sedor ( SELFI ) ; technology assessment of tele-production , qualificat ions and employment ( TATEL ) ; teledistributed services in Denmark ( TDS ) ; telecommunications , data processing , office automation and organisation ( TEEO - with a project for a common database for the Danish windmill industry ) ; and telematics in the education and health sectors ( TELUS ) .
For biologically predisposed individuals, the major developmental challenges that are a normal part of adolescence and early adulthood - separation from family, selfi-dentity, and independence - may be the precipitating factors for the development of the personality disorder. This may explain why personality disorders usually begin in these years.
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