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  • you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge   
  • you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path   

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愛老虎你I love you (jocular transliteration from English)
操你妈fuck your mother (vulgar)
操你媽fuck your mother (vulgar)
從此過著幸福快樂的日子happily ever after
当我的计算机空闲以下时间时,将我显示为“离开”Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
发给我的电子邮件笔记Notes E-mailed To Me
将除我之外的所有人都设为静音Mute All Except Me
將我顯示為離開,當我的電腦閒置超過:Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
仅我的代码Just My Code
據你所知to your knowledge
可以请你喝一杯吗can I buy you a drink
可以請你喝一杯嗎can I buy you a drink
瀏覽過的超連結visited hyperlink
沒有冒犯你的意思no offense
没有冒犯你的意思no offense
thou; you; singular; thine; thy;
你从哪里来的where are you from
你從哪裡來的where are you from
你的电话号码是什么what's your phone number
你的電話號碼是什麼what's your phone number
你等you all (archaic);
你好how are you; hi; ; good afternoon; hello
你叫什么名字what is your name; what's your name
你叫什麼名字what is your name; what's your name
你经常来这儿吗do you come here often
你經常來這兒嗎do you come here often
你说得对you're right
你說得對you're right
你相信上帝吗do you believe in God
你相信上帝嗎do you believe in God
你信教吗are you religious
你信教嗎are you religious
你怎樣拼寫這個詞how do you spell this word
你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path; you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge
如你所愿as you wish
如你所願as you wish
篩選過的檢視filtered view
我爱你aloha; I love you
我的my; mine
我的、你們的,都是她的sheli v’shelachem, shelah
我的报表My Reports
我的報表My Reports
我的播放列表My Playlists
我的播放清單My Playlists
我的查询My Queries
我的查詢My Queries
我的代码My Code
我的电脑My Computer
我的電腦My Computer
我的订阅My Subscriptions
我的訂閱My Subscriptions
我的朋友和他們的朋友My friends and their friends
我的设备My Device
我的视频My Videos
我的視訊My Videos
我的首頁My Home page
我的文档My Documents
我的文件My Documents
我的音乐My Music
我的音樂My Music
我的支援My Support
我的主页My Home page
我的裝置My Device
我的状态My Status
我的狀態My Status
我的資訊owner information
我的最愛資料夾Favorite Folders
我怎么称呼你what's your name
我怎麼稱呼你what's your name
依我的淺見in my humble opinion
已访问过的超链接followed hyperlink
已瀏覽過的超連結followed hyperlink
真的太谢谢你了thanks a lot
祝你好運good luck
最近存取過的檔案Most Recently Accessed Files
最近未存取過的檔案Least Recently Accessed Files
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司门户Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司入口網站Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal

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如果 想 , 太太? 还 有 孩子?If you want, you, your wife and kids
唯一 入口 就 在 主 空調 入口 了The only other access point is through the main airconditiong duct
禁止 行政 机关 违反 国家 规定 擅自 设立 煤炭 供应 中间 环节 和 额外 加收 费用 。Administrative departments shall be forbidden to set up intermediate agencies for coal supply and charge extra fees in violation of State regulations and without authorization
过渡政府在联刚特派团支助下,正在重新行使对边境,特别是伊图里区边境管辖权。The Transitional Government with the support of MONUC is in the process of reasserting its authority over the border, in particular in Ituri district
一) 大会各主要委员会、方案和协调委员会、行政和预算问题咨询委员会约 ‧ 次正式会议和非正式协商会议;联合国系统其他组织立法机关关于联检组报告所载问题约 ‧ 次会议i) Approximately ‧ formal meetings and informal consultations of the Main Committees of the General Assembly, the Committee for Programme and Coordination and the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions and approximately ‧ meetings of legislative organs of other organizations of the United Nations system on issues contained in the reports of the Unit
“ ‧ 重申防止将化学品从合法商业转用于非法药物制造是防止药物滥用和贩运全面战略一个必要组成部分,这需要出口国、进口国和过境国进行有效合作,并吁请各国与国际和区域主管机构合作,必要时尽可能与每个国家私营部门合作,根据大会第二十届特别会议《政治宣言》中确定 ‧ 年目标以及在特别会议通过关于管制前体决议,通过和执行防止将化学品转用于非法药物制造措施“ ‧ eaffirms that preventing the diversion of chemicals from legitimate commerce to illicit drugs manufacture is an essential component of the comprehensive strategy against drug abuse and trafficking, which requires the effective cooperation of exporting, importing and transit States, and calls upon all States to adopt and implement measures to prevent the diversion of chemicals to illicit drug manufacture, in cooperation with competent international and regional bodies and, if necessary and to the extent possible, with the private sector of each State, in accordance with the objectives targeted for ‧ in the Political Declaration adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session and the resolution on the control of precursors also adopted at the special session
参加新西兰政府主持关于建立人权、土著政策和正义问题政治对话智利代表团团长Chief of Delegation of Chile before the Government of New Zealand to establish a political dialogue on human rights, indigenous policies and justice
应联合国教育、科学及文化组织(教科文组织)要求,本报告列入了联检组工作方案。The report was included in the Programme of Work of the Unit at the request of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO
安理会不得不处理在科特迪瓦和利比里亚冲突。The Council had to address conflicts in Côte d'Ivoire and in Liberia
准则宗旨是促进执行局依照《议事规则》开展工作。The purpose of the guidelines is to facilitate the work of the Executive Board in accordance with its Rules of Procedure
越南全力以赴执行儿童权利委员会建议。 现正在准备向委员会提交最新报告。It had worked strenuously to implement the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and was currently preparing its latest report to the Committee
为该项目准备经费估算确定审查工作所需经费为 ‧ 科威特第纳尔。Financial estimates prepared in relation to the project valued the review at ‧ uwaiti dinars
他鼓励工发组织探讨直接利用全球环境基金以便为环境项目筹集资金更多机会。It encouraged UNIDO to explore additional possibilities for having direct access to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to finance environmental projects
基于以上谈到对受害人注重,也许还应提到那些容易既受犯罪行为侵害又被刑事司法体系作为罪犯对待群体。Within the overall focus on victims suggested above, it may also make sense to focus on groups that are vulnerable to both crime victimization and treatment by the criminal justice system as offenders
我们高兴地注意到,卢旺达问题国际法庭外联方案仍然受欢迎,仍然在促进卢旺达民族和解。We are pleased to note that the Outreach Programme of the ICTR remains popular and important to the national reconciliation of Rwanda
这些证据直接牵涉设/住在地理上接近古巴国家组织和人员,而且这些组织和人员活动都是从这些国家开展。 因此,古巴政府要求有关各国政府,特别是美利坚合众国政府,考虑邀请特别报告员对它们进行访问可能性。”The evidence directly involves organizations and persons residing in countries geographically close to Cuba, whence they operate; accordingly, the Cuban Government calls upon the Governments of the States concerned, particularly the Government of the United States of America, to consider the possibility of inviting the Special Rapporteur to visit them.”
年修订《联合国示范公约》理由和方法 xxThe existing taxes to which the Convention shall apply are in particular: (a) (in State A): (b) (in State B
供专业人员使用、关于对非法贩运活动进行起诉指南手册概要现列于文件 ‧ 。An outline of an instruction manual for the legal profession on the prosecution of illegal traffic is contained in document
应谨慎处理最高比率问题,因为有最高比率本身就已背离了支付能力原则。The issue of the ceiling should be addressed carefully, since the very existence of the ceiling was a deviation from the principle of capacity to pay
这种额外援助和支持可包括以下任何或所有方面:援助寻求受教育机会;援助获得扩大社会心理服务,包括重返经济活动和赚取收入活动,参加职业或技能培训;获得法律服务;获得司法和民事行政诉讼服务以获得补偿;以及财务支助。This additional assistance and support may comprise any or all of the following: assistance in seeking educational opportunities; assistance in accessing expanded psychosocial services, including economic reintegration and income-generating activities, job training or skill building; access to legal services; access to judicial and civil administrative processes to obtain redress; and financial support
高级代表办事处设立使贸发会议解除了某些任务,欧盟赞赏秘书处为执行这方面决定而作努力。The establishment of the Office of the High Representative had relieved UNCTAD of certain tasks, and the EU appreciated the secretariat's efforts to implement the decisions taken in this regard
事实上,这回答了就法庭在该地区活动成功提出问题。In fact, it answers the question raised about success in the Tribunal's activities in the region
理事会第 ‧ 号决定要求制订 ‧ 年中期战略,包括明确远景、目标、优先次序、效果措施和一个供政府审查有力机制。he Governing Council in its decision ‧ requested the preparation of a medium-term strategy for ‧ with a clearly defined vision, objectives, priorities, impact measures and a robust mechanism for review by Governments
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