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  • you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge   
  • you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path   

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愛老虎你I love you (jocular transliteration from English)
操你妈fuck your mother (vulgar)
操你媽fuck your mother (vulgar)
從此過著幸福快樂的日子happily ever after
当我的计算机空闲以下时间时,将我显示为“离开”Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
发给我的电子邮件笔记Notes E-mailed To Me
将除我之外的所有人都设为静音Mute All Except Me
將我顯示為離開,當我的電腦閒置超過:Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
仅我的代码Just My Code
據你所知to your knowledge
可以请你喝一杯吗can I buy you a drink
可以請你喝一杯嗎can I buy you a drink
瀏覽過的超連結visited hyperlink
沒有冒犯你的意思no offense
没有冒犯你的意思no offense
thou; you; singular; thine; thy;
你从哪里来的where are you from
你從哪裡來的where are you from
你的电话号码是什么what's your phone number
你的電話號碼是什麼what's your phone number
你等you all (archaic);
你好how are you; hi; ; good afternoon; hello
你叫什么名字what is your name; what's your name
你叫什麼名字what is your name; what's your name
你经常来这儿吗do you come here often
你經常來這兒嗎do you come here often
你说得对you're right
你說得對you're right
你相信上帝吗do you believe in God
你相信上帝嗎do you believe in God
你信教吗are you religious
你信教嗎are you religious
你怎樣拼寫這個詞how do you spell this word
你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path; you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge
如你所愿as you wish
如你所願as you wish
篩選過的檢視filtered view
維護你的利益looking after your interest
我爱你aloha; I love you
我的my; mine
我的报表My Reports
我的報表My Reports
我的播放列表My Playlists
我的播放清單My Playlists
我的查询My Queries
我的查詢My Queries
我的代码My Code
我的电脑My Computer
我的電腦My Computer
我的订阅My Subscriptions
我的訂閱My Subscriptions
我的朋友和他們的朋友My friends and their friends
我的设备My Device
我的视频My Videos
我的視訊My Videos
我的首頁My Home page
我的文档My Documents
我的文件My Documents
我的音乐My Music
我的音樂My Music
我的支援My Support
我的主页My Home page
我的裝置My Device
我的状态My Status
我的狀態My Status
我的資訊owner information
我的最愛資料夾Favorite Folders
我怎么称呼你what's your name
我怎麼稱呼你what's your name
依我的淺見in my humble opinion
已访问过的超链接followed hyperlink
已瀏覽過的超連結followed hyperlink
真的太谢谢你了thanks a lot
祝你好運good luck
最近存取過的檔案Most Recently Accessed Files
最近未存取過的檔案Least Recently Accessed Files
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司门户Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司入口網站Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal

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要装入照片降噪设置文件Photograph Noise Reduction Settings File to Load
请插入您姓名或其首字母 :Please insert your name or initials
? 这 不是 我的 店 , 店主 去? 绿 旅游 了It' s not my shop and the owner has gone on a trip
《 ‧ 年分销贸易统计国际建议》和《 ‧ 年工业统计国际建议》中数据项列表及其编号完全一致。Lists of data items and their numbering in ‧ and ‧ are fully harmonized
它在各个年龄组,尤其是在妇女中间,并在叙利亚所有省份,直接或者通过开展与《公约》所涉妇女权利有关主题活动,来推广和宣传《公约》。It has promoted and disseminated the Convention among various age groups and in particular among women, as well as throughout the Syrian governorates, either directly or through activities covering subjects relating to the women's rights for which the articles of the Convention make provision
d) 同意此项请求将违反被请求国关于司法协助法律制度。d) If it would be contrary to the legal system of the requested State Party relating to mutual legal assistance for the request to be granted
在面临经济困难情形下,我们宣布 ‧ 年为我国若干重要经济、社会和政治领域兑现年。Against a backdrop of difficult economic circumstances, we have declared the year ‧ our Year of Delivery in a number of key economic, social and political areas
bimsi地区Villinkrikri团体是一个松散妇女团体,以提取牛油果油作为一项维持生计产生收入活动。The Villinkrikri group of Gbimsi is a group of loosely associated women engaged in the extraction of shea butter as an income-generating activity to sustain their livelihoods
各国官方摄影记者和电视摄制组人员可轮流进入会议室四周记者拍摄间,报道各自国家元首、政府首脑或代表团长发言。Official photographers and television crews will have an opportunity to cover the speech of their Head of State or Government or head of delegation on a rotating basis from the press booths surrounding the meeting hall(s
突广视台据称已完全掌握在政府和执政党手中,虽说该台曾有几次试图通过定期电视直播辩论会反映公众一些关注问题。The ERTT is now said to be under the total control of the State and the party in power, despite several attempts to reflect the concerns of the public through periodic televised debates
我们认为,一旦所有这些得到了满足,我们最近看到暴力不断升级情况就会停止。We believe that, once all of that has been accomplished, the spiral of escalating violence that we have recently witnessed will come to an end
二、成员国和国际组织能力建设和技术合作情况介绍Information on capacity-building and technical cooperation of member States and international organizations
首要任务是继续开展对话,讨论如何消除重大国际犯罪行为逃脱法律制裁现象。Priority should be given to the dialogue on issues concerning the fight against impunity for the worst international crimes
单身或已婚妇女有与男子相同迁移权利。Women, single or married, have the same rights of movements as men
粮食危机由于商品市场投机而更形加剧,这反映了全球经济固有缺陷,因此,需要结构性解决办法。The food crisis has been exacerbated by speculation in the commodities markets and reflects the inherent flaws of the global economy and, as a result, requires structural solutions
国家工作队将应要求协助执行过渡司法举措,除其他外就补偿或赔偿冲突受害者问题提供技术咨询及支持准法律委员会工作。If requested, the country team will assist transitional justice initiatives by, inter alia, providing technical advice on such issues as compensation and reparations for victims of the conflict and support for paralegal committees
q) 注意到最不发达热带木材生产国特殊需要。q) Noting the special needs of least developed tropical timber producer countries
委员会呼吁重新考虑其关于诽谤刑事立法,特别是《刑法典》 第 ‧ 、 ‧ 和 ‧ 条,以确保其遵守《公约》,并请缔约国在下次报告中提供这方面最新资料。The Committee calls upon the State party to reconsider its criminal legislation on defamation, especially articles ‧ and ‧ of the Criminal Code in order to ensure its conformity with the Convention and requests the State party to provide in its next report updated information in this regard
其次,不集体驱逐规则得到国际社会绝大多数成员国签署三个区域保护人权公约确认。Second, this rule against collective expulsion is enshrined in three regional human rights conventions that, among them, cover most States members of the international community
环境风险评估,尤其是化肥使用、经过处理废水使用或基因修饰生物体环境风险评估,是在制订国家行动方案执行方针过程中应当有系统地加以采用手段。Environmental risks assessment, notably for fertilizer use, treated waste-water use or genetically modified organisms, are tools to be systematically utilized in charting the course of NAP implementation
在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次会议上,埃及代表以维持和平行动特别委员会报告员身份介绍了阿根廷、加拿大、埃及、日本、尼日利亚和波兰所提出,题为“整个维持和平行动问题所有方面全盘审查”决议草案( ‧ ),并口头订正如下At the ‧ th meeting, on ‧ ay, the representative of Egypt, in his capacity as Rapporteur of the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, introduced a draft resolution entitled “Comprehensive review of the whole question of peacekeeping operations in all their aspects” ( ‧ ), sponsored by Argentina, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Nigeria and Poland, and orally revised it as follows
然而,这正是所发生情况。Yet that is what is happening
同次会议上,会议还依照议事规则第 ‧ 条确认联合国秘书长提名,任命联合国秘书处裁军事务部大规模毁灭性武器处处长汉内洛尔·霍普为会议秘书。Also at the same meeting, in accordance with rule ‧ of the rules of procedure, the Conference confirmed the nomination by the Secretary-General of the United Nations of Hannelore Hoppe, Chief of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Branch, Department for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations Secretariat, as Secretary of the Conference
与此同时,有专家指出,合并和收购会使与当地公司联系更加牢固,因为可以获得现成联系。At the same time, it was also recognized that linkages with local firms might be stronger in the case of M&As, as there is access to an established set of linkages
再者,委员会认为,有细微差别反应是必要,当然不可能以否定态度直截了当地作出反应,对这一类保留提出若干反对似乎含有这样意味。Here again, in the Commission's view, a nuanced response is essential, and it is certainly not possible to respond categorically in the negative, as certain objections to reservations of this type would seem to suggest
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