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  • audit mode   
    The stage of the preinstallation process used to test a manufactured computer before it is delivered to the end user.

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安静模式quiet mode
安靜模式quiet mode
安全模式safe mode
本机模式native mode
筆跡收集模式ink collection mode
编辑模式edit mode
便携式计算机模式laptop mode
参与者模式Contributor mode
查询模式query pattern
查詢模式query pattern
传输模式transfer mode; transmission method
導覽模式Navigation mode
电传大字模式teletype mode
電傳打字模式teletype mode
非集送模式nonhubbed mode
封闭内容模式closed content model
工厂模式factory mode
工作进程隔离模式worker process isolation mode
共享模式sharing mode
管理模式management mode
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
橫線模式lined mode
混合模式blend mode; mixed mode
活动审核activity audit
计算机模式computer simulation
进食模式meal patterns
经典模式Classic mode
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
控件模式control pattern
来宾模式Guest Mode
離開模式away mode
另行快取程式設計模式cache-aside programming pattern
浏览器兼容的模式browser-compatible mode
瀏覽模式browse mode
瀏覽器相容模式browser-compatible mode
每位使用者授權模式Per User licensing mode
每用户授权模式Per User licensing mode
模式pattern; mode; patterns; method; profile
墨迹输入模式ink entry mode
目录服务同步工具模式Directory Synchronization Tool mode
強制模式enforcement mode
强制模式enforcement mode
球形模式Ball Mode
球型模式Ball Mode
设计模式design mode
审核to investigate thoroughly; to audit; ; auditing; audit; verify
审核策略audit policy
审核历史记录audit history
审核日志audit log
審核to audit; to investigate thoroughly
事件架構非同步模式event-based asynchronous pattern
視訊模式video mode
收集模式collection mode
所有者描述模式owner draw mode
聽寫模式dictation mode
通过模式Pass Through mode
通信模式communication pattern
通訊模式communication pattern
突发模式burst mode
完整復原模式full recovery model
網際網路參照模式Internet reference model
维护模式计算机Maintenance Mode Computer
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
显示模式display mode
限时模式Time Attack Mode
详细模式verbose mode
虚拟模式Virtualization Mode
虚拟头戴耳机模式Headphone Virtualization mode
延迟的强制模式deferred enforcement mode
隱形模式stealth mode
影院模式theater mode
整合追蹤模式Unified Tracing Model
正字法模式orthographic pattern
直接回應模式direct response mode
直接响应模式direct response mode
執行緒模式threading model
中断模式break mode
中斷模式break mode
种植模式cropping patterns
字母数字模式character mode
Apartment 執行緒模式apartment threading model
BitLocker 关闭模式BitLocker off mode
BitLocker 停用模式BitLocker disabled mode
Windows 防火牆防護模式Windows Firewall shielded mode

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俄罗斯联邦认为,联合王国和美国提交的决议草案 ‧ 所述的结束委员会任务的模式与我们对该问题的理解有所不同。The Russian delegation believes that the model for terminating the mandate of the Commission, as outlined in draft resolution ‧ submitted by the United Kingdom and the United States, deviates from our understanding of that question
大会按照第 ‧ 段审议理事会的模式、职能、规模、组成、成员、工作方法和程序以及有关人权委员会转变为理事会的任何过渡安排时将会得到所涉方案预算问题的报告。The General Assembly will be informed of these implications at the time of its consideration of the modalities, functions, size, composition, membership, working methods and procedures of the proposed Human Rights Council and any arrangements related to the transition from the Commission on Human Rights to the Council, in accordance with paragraph
委员会促请缔约国审议其对《公约》第五条(a)款和第十六条第款的保留,以期撤销;积极启动并鼓励在相关社区内开展关于两性平等和妇女人权问题的辩论,特别是与作为社区一员的妇女团体共同努力,并支持这些妇女团体,以期:(a) 改变社会和文化行为模式,消除基于男女角色陈规定型观念的偏见和习俗;(b) 审查并改革不同族裔和宗教群体的属人法,确保两性法律上平等,确保遵守《公约》。The Committee urges the State party to review its reservations to articles ‧ (a) and ‧ with a view to withdrawing them, to proactively initiate and encourage debate within the relevant communities on gender equality and the human rights of women and, in particular, work with and support women's groups as members of these communities so as to (a) modify social and cultural patterns of conduct to achieve elimination of prejudices and practices based on stereotyped roles for men and women and (b) review and reform personal laws of different ethnic and religious groups to ensure de jure gender equality and compliance with the Convention
清除司法系统的殖民特色,通过以参与和公有方式建立起一个基于交叉性法律的多元司法体制,以维护整个基于普遍核心文化社会的和谐和平衡为优先重点,开发形成一种新的法律智慧,消除对法律制订的垄断,消除按某种确立随心所欲和家长制式政府合法性的观念,推行的官僚司法惯例、立法及立法复制方式,增进社会参与和管控,并纳入长久以来在诉诸司法和行使基本人权方面倍受排斥的人口部分,从而实现结合公有公平原则的法律秩序; 以重塑实施司法的共有模式为基础,改变原先基本上属殖民化和家长制式的司法实施方法; 建立和扩大透明度标准,以实现与全国人民紧密结合的社会多元化国家,通过制定具体的标准,增强玻利维亚现今的法律框架,并规约公务员的行为与操守,从而预防、社会控制和惩治公共和民间领域的腐败; 树立起容纳、平等、公平和尊重各自不同的文化风尚,兼顾人口中弱势阶层的各具体需求和要求,在强调平等和互补的世界观念框架内增强各文化特点,避免男女之间授权不均等现象。a) Decolonize the justice system by building in a participative and communitarian manner a plural justice system resting on interlegality, giving priority to defending the harmony and balance of society as a whole based on cosmocentric culture, developing a new legal wisdom, eliminating the monopoly over the production of law, dismantling bureaucratic judicial practice, legislation and its reproduction as an ideology legitimizing the liberal and patriarchal State, promoting social participation and control and the inclusion of sectors of the population which have been historically marginalized in terms of access to justice and the exercise of fundamental rights, thereby attaining a legal order combining communitarian principles with fairness
多年来妇女联合会的突出行动之一就是为贫穷妇女提供信用储蓄,该行动模式十分有效,受到了国内外组织的广泛认可。An outstanding activity of the Union for many years has been providing saving credit for poor women, an effective model widely recognized by domestic and international organizations
除了对数量数据进行比较外,报告还将说明区域在实现千年发展目标方面的趋势和模式,以国家和国家组为重点。In addition to quantitative data comparisons, the reports will illustrate regional trends and patterns in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, focusing on countries and clusters of countries
二十五年前,当我们把论及气候变化的初期科学假设和模式放交由公众论坛讨论的时候,从某种意义上说,整个世界可以说是对之不屑一顾:“呵呵,又一套世界末日论出台了。”Twenty five years ago, when the first scientific hypotheses and models on climate change were being put into the broader public arena, the world in some ways turned away and said: “Oh, here we have another doomsday scenario. "
环境署的欧洲可持续消费机会项目是环境署关于促进可持续的消费模式的外联活动、对话和能力建设的一个组成部分。The UNEP's project, Sustainable Consumption Opportunities for Europe, is part of UNEP's global outreach, dialogue and capacity- building on sustainable consumption
公用域信息、获取公共官方信息、社区准入、图书馆和档案、软件模式的多样性、所有人都能获得研究和发展机会、地方当局开放存取科学信息和电子政务。ublic domain information, access to public official information, community access, libraries and archives, diversity of software models, research and development for accessibility for all, open access to scientific information and e-government for local authorities
为此,我们已经确定货物集中点,并请求有关各方确定其政府和军队中的协调人,以讨论这一概念的模式和技术方面。For that purpose, we have already identified cargo consolidation points and requested the parties involved to identify focal points in their government and military forces who will discuss the modalities and technical aspects of that concept
系统开发生命周期模式he systems development life cycle model
全部门行动计划和预算支持已日益成为交付发展援助的新模式 ‧ 这不仅改变了政府与捐助者之间的关系,而且还引出了一些重要问题,即联合国系统将来如何应对这些新模式The growing use of sector-wide action plans and budget support as new modalities for delivering development assistance ‧ has not only altered the relationship between Governments and donors, it has also raised major questions about the way in which the United Nations system is to interact with these new modalities
感到遗憾的是,尽管有第 ‧ 号决议第五节第 ‧ 段的规定和秘书处内部监督事务厅关于人力资源管理厅征聘过程的后续审核报告 第 ‧ 段,一些管理人员仍不愿意征聘通过国家竞争性考试选出的候选人,致使有许多 ‧ 职位出现空缺;并请秘书长采取具体措施,从速征聘被选上现有名册的候选人填补这些空缺Regrets that despite section V, paragraph ‧ of its resolution ‧ and according to paragraph ‧ of the report of the Office of Internal Oversight Services of the Secretariat on the follow-up audit of the recruitment process in the Office of Human Resources Management, some programme managers are still reluctant to recruit candidates selected through national competitive examinations, leaving many ‧ posts vacant, and requests the Secretary-General to take concrete measures to fill those posts expeditiously from the existing roster of successful candidates
近年底时,审计事务处扩大了其风险评估模式,作为制订 ‧ 年审计计划的投入。Towards the end of the year, the Audit Services Branch expanded its risk assessment model to serve as input to the development of the ‧ audit plan
模式 ‧ 的自由化对输出国和接受国均特别敏感,迄今只提出了有限的报价。Liberalization in mode ‧ has been particularly sensitive for both sending and receiving countries, and only limited offers have been made
风险模式产生三类结果:(a) 以变量为依据针对具体实体进行风险评估(见图 ‧ );(b) 以每类风险总变量为依据进行的全球风险评估(见图 ‧ );以及(c) 与前一年相比实体风险的变化(见图 ‧ )。The risk model gives three types of results: (a) an entity-specific risk assessment, based on the variables (see figure ‧ ); (b) a global one, based on the aggregation of variables for each risk category (see figure ‧ ); and (c) a change in the entity's risk compared with the preceding year (see figure
我们在应对粮食危机时采取的是一种惯用模式--召开各种会议,然后通过一些蓝图,而它们只是治标不治本。Our response to the food crisis followed the usual pattern of convening conferences and meetings and adopting blueprints that merely heal the symptoms
特别报告员大体上将继续采用相同的模式,准备在应于 ‧ 年提交的第三次报告中讨论如下专题:违背一项国际义务、解除不法性的情况、与一国或另一组织不法行为有关的国际组织的责任。Broadly continuing with the same pattern, the Special Rapporteur intends to address in his third report, which is due in ‧ the following topics: breach of an international obligation; circumstances precluding wrongfulness; responsibility of an international organization in connection with the wrongful act of a State or another organization
这些问题是:必须有效改变不能持续的消费和生产模式、必须在国际化学品管理方面取得进展和加强管理,包括加强民间社会组织的参与。These were, the need effectively to change unsustainable consumption and production patterns, the need to make progress on the international management of chemicals, and the need to enhance governance, including through increased participation by civil society organizations
他还报告说,他已经同开发计划署的资深同事讨论过开发计划署和项目厅之间有成本意识的捐助者能接受的伙伴关系业务模式He also reported that he had discussed with senior colleagues in UNDP a business model of partnership between UNDP and UNOPS that was acceptable to a cost-conscious donor community
在国家的发展进程中,政府正在摆脱以不灵活、集中的运行模式为基础的传统的治理范式,越来越多地同非政府组织/私营部门合作。Moving away from the traditional governance paradigm that was rooted in inflexible and centralised modes of operation, the government is increasingly collaborating with NGOs/private sector in the country's development process
委员会在第五十四届会议( ‧ 年 ‧ 月)上提出了一个专业及专业以上职类职务叙级制度改革的概念模式At its fifty-fourth session (April/May ‧ ) the Commission was presented with a conceptual model for the reform of the job classification system for the Professional and higher categories
赞赏地注意到 ‧ 年发展中国家技术合作第二个合作框架对于联合国系统发展业务活动之中将发展中国家技术合作模式的使用主流化的重视,并请联合国开发计划署署长为达成这项目标提供必要的支助,除其他外,可利用国家规划机制和有关的区域和国际议定机制Takes note with appreciation of the important focus given in the Second Cooperation Framework for technical cooperation among developing countries ‧ to mainstreaming the use of the technical cooperation among developing countries modality in the operational activities for development of the United Nations system and requests the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme to give the required level of support to the attainment of this objective, inter alia, through the use of national planning mechanisms and relevant agreed regional and international mechanisms
例如,在制订减贫战略文件时,民间社会参与目前进程有限等问题可以根据发展协约模式解决,因为伙伴关系、透明度和问责制是该模式的基本要素。In particular, the problem of limited civil society participation in current processes, for example in setting up PRSPs, could be solved within that model, since partnership, transparency and accountability were basic elements thereof
派遣评估团得到所有谈话者的热烈欢迎,不过其中很多人对安理会拖延答复这一请求表示遗憾,他们强调评估团不应审查设立委员会是否适当,而应考虑设立委员会的可行性或技术模式The dispatch of the mission was warmly welcomed by all interlocutors although many of them regretted the Council's delay in responding to the request and stressed that instead of examining the advisability of establishing the commission, the mission should rather consider its feasibility or the technical modalities for its establishment
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