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  • audit mode   
    The stage of the preinstallation process used to test a manufactured computer before it is delivered to the end user.

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安静模式quiet mode
安靜模式quiet mode
安全模式safe mode
本机模式native mode
筆跡收集模式ink collection mode
编辑模式edit mode
便携式计算机模式laptop mode
参与者模式Contributor mode
查询模式query pattern
查詢模式query pattern
传输模式transfer mode; transmission method
導覽模式Navigation mode
电传大字模式teletype mode
電傳打字模式teletype mode
非集送模式nonhubbed mode
封闭内容模式closed content model
工厂模式factory mode
工作进程隔离模式worker process isolation mode
共享模式sharing mode
管理模式management mode
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
橫線模式lined mode
混合模式blend mode; mixed mode
活动审核activity audit
计算机模式computer simulation
进食模式meal patterns
经典模式Classic mode
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
控件模式control pattern
来宾模式Guest Mode
離開模式away mode
另行快取程式設計模式cache-aside programming pattern
浏览器兼容的模式browser-compatible mode
瀏覽模式browse mode
瀏覽器相容模式browser-compatible mode
每位使用者授權模式Per User licensing mode
每用户授权模式Per User licensing mode
模式pattern; mode; patterns; method; profile
墨迹输入模式ink entry mode
目录服务同步工具模式Directory Synchronization Tool mode
強制模式enforcement mode
强制模式enforcement mode
球形模式Ball Mode
球型模式Ball Mode
设计模式design mode
审核to investigate thoroughly; to audit; ; auditing; audit; verify
审核策略audit policy
审核历史记录audit history
审核日志audit log
審核to audit; to investigate thoroughly
事件架構非同步模式event-based asynchronous pattern
視訊模式video mode
收集模式collection mode
所有者描述模式owner draw mode
聽寫模式dictation mode
通过模式Pass Through mode
通信模式communication pattern
通訊模式communication pattern
突发模式burst mode
完整復原模式full recovery model
網際網路參照模式Internet reference model
维护模式计算机Maintenance Mode Computer
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
显示模式display mode
限时模式Time Attack Mode
详细模式verbose mode
虚拟模式Virtualization Mode
虚拟头戴耳机模式Headphone Virtualization mode
延迟的强制模式deferred enforcement mode
隱形模式stealth mode
影院模式theater mode
整合追蹤模式Unified Tracing Model
正字法模式orthographic pattern
直接回應模式direct response mode
直接响应模式direct response mode
執行緒模式threading model
中断模式break mode
中斷模式break mode
种植模式cropping patterns
字母数字模式character mode
Apartment 執行緒模式apartment threading model
BitLocker 关闭模式BitLocker off mode
BitLocker 停用模式BitLocker disabled mode
Windows 防火牆防護模式Windows Firewall shielded mode

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还应该要求的是,在世界贸易组织理事会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日日内瓦会议上达成的框架基础上,谈判更详细具体和特殊的模式,并由此衍生出一个引导发展的多边贸易体系。It was also to be hoped that concrete, detailed and specific modalities would be negotiated on the basis of the frameworks agreed by the WTO General Council at its meeting in Geneva on ‧ ugust ‧ followed by the emergence of a development-oriented multilateral trading system
为确保享有这些权利并制定和推广实施注重性别问题的公共政策 ‧ 年成立了全国妇女事务委员会,负责对妇女的要求和政府的政策进行协调,该委员会的董事会由政府代表和全国各妇女组织按照国家和民间社会分担责任的模式组成。To ensure the enjoyment of those rights and to formulate and promote public policies focusing on gender, in ‧ the National Council for Women (CONAMU) was established, reconciling women's demands and government policies, with a board of directors composed of government representatives and national women's organizations, according to a model of shared responsibility between the State and civil society
另一个司的项目是为收集、分析和分发按性别分列的贫困数据拟定模式和准则手册。Another ECA project involves the development of a model and guidebook for collecting, analysing and disseminating gender-specific poverty data
同样十分关键的是,应按照在世界首脑会议上所商定的那样,加速向可持续的消费和生产模式转变。It was equally vital to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production patterns as agreed at the World Summit
例如,发展伙伴应为南南合作提供资金,以提供成本最低和可以推广的适当模式Development partners should, for example, finance South-South cooperation in order to provide least cost and appropriate replicable models
模式适用于前往这些岛屿访问的行为,也适用于为了访问能够成行而必须采取的行动。”The formula applies to these visits as well as to all acts necessary for the visits to take place.”
特别是,它能提供可持续的原型模式和益处,并在 ‧ 年以前建立广泛的区域间社区接入点网络。Specifically, it can provide sustainable prototype models and benefits and build a broad interregional network of community access points by
三) 认可在卫星数据的基础上用大气层光传输精密模式(如中等光谱分辨率大气传递算法和计算机模型)计算海平面光谱辐照度的可能性和精确性iii) Recognition of the possibility and accuracy of spectral irradiance calculation at sea level on the basis of satellite data using precise models of light transmission in the atmosphere such as the Moderate Spectral Resolution Atmospheric Transmittance Algorithm and Computer Model MODTRAN
非政府组织还指出,没有一种发展模式适用于人口等具体情况各异的所有国家和地区。It was also stated that no one model of development is suited to all countries and regions with diverse populations and circumstances
区域和分区域组织应交流关于推动反恐怖主义机制的整套信息和模式,并定期告知反恐怖主义委员会关于它们执行反恐怖主义措施的时间表和所取得的成果。Regional and subregional organizations should exchange information packets and models for launching counter-terrorism mechanisms and keep the Counter-Terrorism Committee regularly informed of their timetables for implementing counter-terrorism measures and the results achieved
它们将探讨实际与政治领导意见相左的选举模式的理由。They would be exploring the reasons for a voting pattern that had turned out to be at odds with the views of the political leadership
自 ‧ 年以来,卫生部一直在各自治市通过一个参与式管理和融资模式与地方参与者一起实施母婴之家战略,地方参与者负责协调母婴之家的活动,其中突出的参与者有合作社和妇女协会,如:露易莎·阿曼达·埃斯皮诺萨尼加拉瓜妇女协会、国家农牧民联盟、天主教和福音派宗教团体和市长办公室。Since ‧ has been implementing the Maternal House strategy through a model of participatory management and financing in municipalities, with local actors who coordinate the operation of the Maternal Houses, in particular: cooperatives, women's associations such as the Luisa Amanda Espinoza Nicaraguan Women's Association (MNLAE), the National Union of Farmers and Cattle-Ranchers (UNAG), Catholic and evangelical religious congregations, and mayors' offices
附件一所列每个缔约方应按照专家审评组的请求开放第 ‧ 号决定(配量的核算模式)附件第 ‧ 段(b)分段所指国家登记册中关于现有账户的信息和前一个日历年的其他账户和交易的有关信息,这些信息证实根据上文第 ‧ 段和第 ‧ 段报告的补充信息。Each Party included in Annex I shall provide access, upon request of expert review teams, to information held in the national registry relating to holding accounts referred to in paragraph ‧ (b) of the annex to decision ‧ (Modalities for the accounting of assigned amounts), and other types of accounts and transactions for the previous calendar year, that substantiates the supplementary information reported under paragraphs ‧ and ‧ above
许多代表团不赞成过快地采用某种“一体行动”的具体模式,重申一致性是提高效率的一种手段,其本身并不是目的,并强调其他国际论坛仍在评估各种备选办法。Many delegations advised against too rapid an adoption of any particular model for `delivering as one', reiterating that coherence was a means to effectiveness rather than an end in itself, and that alternatives were still being assessed in other international forums
认识到需要实行政策和措施,在发达国家的带头下促进可持续的生产和消费模式Recognizes the need for policies and measures to promote sustainable production and consumption patterns, with the developed countries taking the lead
多方利益有关者对话于 ‧ 年开始进行,其目的是要通过一个由主要团体积极参与的模式来加强关于可持续发展的高级别政策辩论。 业经证明,对话对加强民间社会参与政府间进程是一项很有价值的实验。Multi-stakeholder dialogues, introduced in ‧ in an effort to strengthen the high-level policy debate on sustainable development through a highly participatory model involving major groups, have proved a valuable experiment with respect to strengthening civil society's involvement in intergovernmental processes
此外,美国推销它自己的消费模式给波多黎各人,他们之中大多数生活在贫穷线下,并且担负很高的个人债务。Moreover, it had pushed its own models of consumption on the people, most of whom lived below the poverty line and suffered from very high levels of personal debt
可持续发展问题世界首脑会议要鼓励联系下列领域的工作场所行动、开展宣传运动:教育、生态标签、自愿协定和促进可持续消费模式的条例。The World Summit on Sustainable Development should encourage public awareness campaigns linked to workplace action in the areas of education, eco-labelling, voluntary agreements and regulations that promote sustainable consumption patterns
她指出,民间社会拥有大量在基层工作的各种试验者和革新者,政府可以把这种方式产生的项目当作模式使用,供人仿效。She noted that civil society represented a huge and diverse group of experimenters and innovators working at the grass-roots level, and that Governments could use the projects generated in this manner as models to be replicated
作物模式多样化和改善牲畜管理是农业部门可持续发展的关键所在。The activities to which it can contribute on the basis of the plan drawn up for the immediate and medium-term future, however, are set forth below
泰国政府相信,这种模式也能适用于其他国家,并正在与缅甸政府合作推动将这种成功经验应用于金三角的另一端。His Government believed that that model could be applied elsewhere and was working with the Government of Myanmar to extend its success story to another side of the Golden Triangle
商务活动使用信通技术的模式由市场比由政府决定更有效率。In general, the modalities of application of technology to business activities are decided more efficiently by the market than by government
监督厅审查了拉加经委会各个司的管理和监督状况,没有看到一个统一的模式The Office of Internal Oversight Services examined the state of management and supervision in each division of ECLAC and found the pattern to be patchy
法尔先生(负责政治事务助理秘书长)(以法语发言):即将根据《联合国宪章》第二十四条第三款和第十五条第一款提交大会的安全理事会关于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日这一时期的年度报告草案,是秘书处按照安全理事会 ‧ 年商定、 ‧ 年、 ‧ 年、 ‧ 年、 ‧ 年、 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年进一步修订的订正模式拟定的。Mr. Fall (Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs) (spoke in French): The draft annual report of the Security Council for the period ‧ une ‧ to ‧ une ‧ to be submitted to the General Assembly in pursuance of Article ‧ paragraph ‧ and Article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the United Nations Charter, has been prepared by the Secretariat in line with the revised format agreed upon by the Security Council in ‧ and further revised in ‧ and
此外,加入了负责提出生殖健康后扫盲模式的部门间委员会。It also participated in the intersectoral commission to develop the post-literacy module on reproductive health
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