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  • traditional money gift at a funeral   

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本金capital; principal
穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
夺金to snatch gold; to take first place in a competition
奪金to take first place in a competition; to snatch gold
刚果(金)congo (kinshasa)
含金gold bearing; metal bearing (ore)
疾风知劲草,烈火见真金to show one's true colors after a stern test
golden; Gold; gold; ; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; chemical element Au; highly respected; surname Kim (Korean); money; metal; surname Jin
金丹elixir of life
金櫃strongbox; safe; metal bookcase
金和欢cassie glauca
金弧夜蛾diachrysia orichalcea
金浆elixir of life
金兰sworn brotherhood; profound friendship
金卤metal halide
金泉Gimcheon (city in South Korea)
金三角Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia); golden triangle
金乌the sun; Golden Crow
金县King County
金印characters tattooed on a convict's face; golden seal
金帐汗国Golden Horde (ancient state)
金帳汗國Golden Horde (ancient state)
开金carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
美金USD; US dollar
描金to outline in gold
年金superannuation; annuity; pension
帕金森的疾病Parkinson's disease
千金; money and riches
退下金retirement pension
吞金to commit suicide by swallowing gold
五金metal hardware (nuts and bolts);
消金; consumer finance
衍生的工作階段金鑰derived session key
炀金molten metal
煬金molten metal
尤金eugene; Eugene

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二) 为上文(一)所指参与人确定养恤金应享权利和支付养恤金、离职偿,剩余偿、死亡抚恤金等ii) Determine entitlements and process payment of pensions, withdrawal settlements, residual settlements, death benefits, etc., for the participants under (i) above
非参与国政府,包括墨西哥、布基纳法索和巴拿马均希望加入伯利进程,也派代表出席了会议。Non-Participating Governments comprising of Mexico, Burkina Faso and Panama desirous of joining KPCS as Participants were also present
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日《社会救济法》管理向有子女的家庭提供和支付国家社会福利的程序。The procedure for granting and paying the state social benefits to families with children is regulated by the Law On Social Assistance of ‧ ctober
政府遵循国际咨询顾问的建议,认为合作社制度将提高采矿业内部的透明度,从而大大加强伯利进程证书制度。Following advice from international consultants, the Government believes that a cooperative system will greatly strengthen the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme by enhancing transparency within the industry
给赤贫家庭的基本福利从 ‧ 雷亚尔提高到 ‧ 雷亚尔;给予有儿童和 ‧ 岁以下青少年的赤贫家庭的可变福利――每个家庭限三份――从 ‧ 雷亚尔提高到 ‧ 雷亚尔。The basic benefit to families living in extreme poverty was increased from R$ ‧ to R$ ‧ the variable benefit granted families in extreme poverty with children and adolescents up to age ‧ limited to three benefits- went from R$ ‧ to R$
三虹先生(大韩民国)(以英语发言):首先我要赞扬亨特主席对本组织改革所作的坚定承诺。 他在此问题上的奉献精神使我国代表团备受鼓舞。Mr. Kim Sam-hoon (Republic of Korea): At the outset, I would like to pay tribute to the strong commitment that President Hunte has demonstrated to the reform of our Organization
联刚特派团的一个连还与被指定开展这些行动的刚果()武装力量的多数营合用同一地点,目的在于确保监测并为运送物资提供便利。A company of MONUC forces is also co-locating with most FARDC battalions assigned to those operations in order to ensure monitoring and to facilitate the delivery of supplies
该小组最近首次举行会议,我非常高兴地报告,会议的结果是管理局不久将宣布可开始申请基金支助的第一批研究机会。The panel met recently for the first time and it gives me great pleasure to report that, as a result, the Authority will shortly announce the opening of applications for the first opportunities to be supported by the Fund, which will take the form of fellowships
先生(美利坚合众国):首先请允许我祝贺你担任裁谈会主席。 并向你保证我们将给予充分的合作和不断的支持。Mr. CYNKIN (United States of America): Mr. President, first allow me to congratulate you on your assumption of the presidency of the CD and to assure you of our full cooperation and continued support
福利津贴管理部门目前正在对现行的社会福利制度改革方案开展调查研究。The Welfare Benefits Group is currently investigating reforms to the current social welfare payments system
全体会议接受了监测工作组关于成立同行审查机制、保证所有参加方切实执行伯利进程的各项规定的建议,伯利进程实现了重大突破。A major breakthrough was achieved when the Plenary accepted a recommendation by the Working Group on Monitoring for the establishment of a peer review mechanism to guarantee that the provisions of the KPCS are effectively implemented by all Participants
在塞米巴拉斯克核试验场进行的核爆炸总共达四百五十六次。Four hundred and fifty-six such explosions were conducted at the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing ground
承诺:在《联合公报》内,苏丹政府承诺:在凡有境内流离失所者的地方,以及易受攻击的地方,部署一支强大、有信誉、受尊敬的警察部队;对一切警察部队单位进行人权法培训,并要求它们负起维护该法的责任;确保境内流离失所者营地四周没有任何民兵;立即着手解除戈威德和其它不法武装集团的武装;确保立即采取行动重建弱势人口的信任,并确保任何流离失所者的返回家园都是按照现有《人道主义停火协定》的规定,在真正自愿的情况下进行的。Commitment: The Government of the Sudan committed itself, in the joint communiqué, to deploy a strong, credible and respected police force in all areas of internally displaced persons, as well as in areas susceptible to attack; to train all police units in human rights law and hold them responsible for upholding it; to ensure that no militias are present in all areas surrounding camps for internally displaced persons; to immediately start to disarm the Janjaweed and other armed outlaw groups; and to ensure that immediate action is taken to rebuild the confidence of the vulnerable population and that any return of displaced persons to their homes occurs in a truly voluntary manner in line with the current Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement
安哥拉共和国强烈支持伯利进程证书制度,将其视为防止冲突钻石贸易的有价值贡献并希望它得到执行,因为我们深信证书制度将抑制毛坯钻石流入叛军控制的冲突地区,从而大大有助于和平和安全努力。The Republic of Angola strongly supports the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme as a valuable contribution to preventing trafficking in conflict diamonds and looks forward to its implementation, since we are firmly convinced that the Certification Scheme will curb the flow of rough diamonds from rebel-held conflict areas, thereby contributing substantially to peace and security efforts
年的备付为 ‧ 万美元,比 ‧ 年减少 ‧ 万美元( ‧ %)。The provision for ‧ amounted to $ ‧ million, a decrease of $ ‧ million ( ‧ per cent) compared to
今天我们听取了助理秘书长和联合国妇女发展基金(妇发基金)海泽女士关于在冲突局势中妇女的特别需求以及她们能对和平与安全所做的重要贡献的情况介绍。We were briefed today by Assistant Secretary-General King and by Ms. Heyzer of United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) on the special needs of women in conflict situations and on the important contributions they can make to peace and security
纳·克莱先生(危地马拉)(以西班牙语发言):首先,我愿感谢斯洛伐克共和国组织本次公开辩论,这使不是安理会理事国的国家能够就这一重要问题谈谈看法。Mr. Skinner-Klée (Guatemala) (spoke in Spanish): I wish at the outset to thank the delegation of the Slovak Republic for organizing this open debate, which enables those States that are non-members of the Council to express our views on this important issue
发展中国家现在拥有超过 ‧ 亿美元的储备,比在欧洲金融危机发生时多出将近 ‧ 亿美元。Developing countries now hold reserves of over $ ‧ billion, close to $ ‧ billion more than before the Asian crisis broke
研究是专门为发展中国家的和转型期国家的受训人员设立。The fellowships are reserved for trainees from developing countries and countries in transition
在Maniema (杜市)和北基伍,马伊-马伊人尤其把矛头指向国内流离失所的妇女和儿童,对他们实施性暴力。In Maniema (Kindu) and North Kivu the Mai-Mai targeted in particular internally displaced women and children and subjected them to sexual violence
秘书处正在提议设立一个用于离职后健康保险的新的基金性储备,该准备金将于 ‧ 年开始运作。The secretariat is proposing the establishment of a new funded reserve for after-service health insurance, to be initiated in
该项经费 ‧ 美元,用于特派任务生活和服装津贴、遣返费用以及死亡和伤残偿,并根据军事观察员预定的缩编计划计算。The provision of $ ‧ under this heading reflects requirements for mission subsistence and clothing allowances, repatriation costs and death and disability compensation, based on the projected drawdown schedule of military observers
专家组对照 ‧ 年 ‧ 月的核查情况,查出在解放卢旺达民主力量(卢民主力量)解除武装方案中缴获的武器里,有若干此前交给刚果()武装部队的武器。A comparison with the verification conducted in November ‧ enabled the Group to identify arms which had previously been handed over to FARDC in the batch of arms recovered from the Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR) through a disarmament programme
此外,新任国防部长于 ‧ 月 ‧ 日发布一项经过修订的刚果()武装力量改革计划。In addition, on ‧ ebruary ‧ the new Minister of Defence issued a revised FARDC reform plan
年 ‧ 月,在乌维拉,两名刚果()武装部队士兵被布卡武“驻军军事法庭”判定强奸两名未成年人。In only a few instances are perpetrators prosecuted and convicted for the crimes committed
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