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  • traditional money gift at a funeral   

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本金capital; principal
穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
夺金to snatch gold; to take first place in a competition
奪金to take first place in a competition; to snatch gold
刚果(金)congo (kinshasa)
含金gold bearing; metal bearing (ore)
疾风知劲草,烈火见真金to show one's true colors after a stern test
golden; Gold; gold; ; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; chemical element Au; highly respected; surname Kim (Korean); money; metal; surname Jin
金丹elixir of life
金櫃strongbox; safe; metal bookcase
金和欢cassie glauca
金弧夜蛾diachrysia orichalcea
金浆elixir of life
金兰sworn brotherhood; profound friendship
金卤metal halide
金泉Gimcheon (city in South Korea)
金三角Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia); golden triangle
金乌the sun; Golden Crow
金县King County
金印characters tattooed on a convict's face; golden seal
金帐汗国Golden Horde (ancient state)
金帳汗國Golden Horde (ancient state)
开金carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
美金USD; US dollar
描金to outline in gold
年金superannuation; annuity; pension
帕金森的疾病Parkinson's disease
千金; money and riches
退下金retirement pension
吞金to commit suicide by swallowing gold
五金metal hardware (nuts and bolts);
消金; consumer finance
衍生的工作階段金鑰derived session key
炀金molten metal
煬金molten metal
尤金eugene; Eugene

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魁北克省政府仍在努力寻找解决不付租金的方案,使房东和福利领取者都满意。The Government of Québec is still trying to find a solution to non-payment of rent that will be satisfactory for both landlords and benefit recipients
塔吉克斯坦与其它中亚国家合作,积极参与了于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在塞米巴拉斯克签署的《中亚无核武器区条约》的草拟工作,也参与了去年大会有关决议(A/Res ‧ )的通过。In cooperation with other Central Asian States, Tajikistan took a very active part in the drafting of the Treaty on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free-Zone in Central Asia, which was signed on ‧ eptember ‧ in Semipalatinsk, and in the adoption of the relevant General Assembly resolution (A/Res ‧ ) last year
论坛还认识到联合国系统内的培训和教育机会对土著民族的好处,例如人权高专办建立的一个土著研究网络,论坛请求人权高专办邀请论坛成员及论坛秘书处参加其将于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在巴塞罗那举行的土著研究网络会议。The Forum, further recognizing the long-term benefits for indigenous peoples of training and education opportunities within the United Nations system, such as the establishment of an indigenous fellowship network by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, requests the Office to invite Permanent Forum Members and the secretariat of the Forum to the meeting of the indigenous fellowship network, scheduled to be held August ‧ in Barcelona
审判分庭一科于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日开始审理比迪案。One Trial Chamber Section commenced the Bikindi trial on ‧ eptember
主张损害赔偿的前提条件在第 ‧ 条中处理。The prerequisites of a claim for damages are addressed in article
为了更好地协调塞米巴拉斯克区域的外来援助,哈萨克斯坦政府设立了塞米巴拉斯克部间委员会,由外交副部长担任主席。To better coordinate external assistance to the Semipalatinsk region, the Government of Kazakhstan established an Inter-ministerial Commission on Semipalatinsk, chaired by the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs
在坦桑尼亚联合共和国的案例中,理论上有可能确定出口的钻石是否真是在该国开采的,因为专家可以鉴定金刚石是来自伯利矿岩还是来自冲积矿床。In the case of the United Republic of Tanzania, it is in theory possible to determine whether exported diamonds are genuinely mined there, since it is possible for experts to say whether diamonds come from kimberlite or alluvial sources
苏丹南方政府与秘书长受上帝军影响地区特使若阿·希萨诺一道,继续为上帝军和乌干达政府之间的和平谈判提供便利。The Government of Southern Sudan, along with my Special Envoy for the LRA-affected areas, Joaquim Chissano, continued to facilitate the peace talks between LRA and the Government of Uganda
加强非洲预防冲突和建立和平方案是在上述研究方案基础上扩充发展而成,旨在提供区域一级的培训。The programme to enhance conflict prevention and peace-building in Africa was developed as an extension of the fellowship programme mentioned above to provide training at the regional level
土著民族发表了《伯利宣言》和《土著民族可持续发展问题执行计划》,土著民族使用这两个文件对出席可持续发展问题世界首脑会议的政府代表作游说和宣传工作。Indigenous peoples came out with the Kimberley Declaration and the Indigenous Peoples Plan of Implementation on Sustainable Development, both documents were used by indigenous peoples in its lobby and advocacy work among government delegates to the WSSD
我们经过深思熟虑的意见是,伯利进程保证我们钻石销售的透明度。It is our considered opinion that the Kimberley Process guarantees transparency in the marketing of our diamonds
伯利进程欧洲联盟秘书处;安特卫普世界钻石中心Kimberley Process secretariat for the European Union; Antwerp World Diamond Centre
本报告附件概述了最初在 ‧ 号文件中提出的这一储备运作的详细程序。The annex to the present document outlines the detailed procedures for the operation of such a reserve as set out in
我们同意秘书长对刚()形势的评估,赞同他对联刚特派团下阶段部署的设想。We agree with his assessment of the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and we support his ideas regarding the next phase of the deployment of MONUC
萨尼亚先生(尼日利亚)(以英语发言):我确实非常荣幸地就议程项目 ‧ “南大西洋和平与合作区”在大会发言。Mr. Akinsanya (Nigeria): I am indeed highly honoured to address this Assembly on agenda item ‧ “Zone of peace and cooperation of the South Atlantic”
各次年度研究提供给了下列国家的学员:尼泊尔( ‧ 年)、坦桑尼亚联合共和国( ‧ 年)、智利( ‧ 年)、特立尼达和多巴哥( ‧ 年)、 圣多美和普林西比( ‧ 年)、南斯拉夫( ‧ 年)、泰国( ‧ 年)、肯尼亚( ‧ 年)、 喀麦隆和塞舌尔( ‧ 年)、汤加( ‧ 年)、印度尼西亚( ‧ 年)、萨摩亚( ‧ 年)、尼日利亚和巴布亚新几内亚( ‧ 年)、巴巴多斯和斯里兰卡( ‧ 年)、肯尼亚( ‧ 年)、保加利亚和伊朗伊斯兰共和国( ‧ 年)、佛得角和哥伦比亚( ‧ 年)。Annual awards have been offered to individuals from the following countries: Nepal ; United Republic of Tanzania ; Chile ; Trinidad and Tobago ‧ ão Tomé and Príncipe ; Yugoslavia ; Thailand ; Kenya ‧ ameroon and Seychelles ; Tonga ; Indonesia ; Samoa ; Nigeria and Papua New Guinea ; Barbados and Sri Lanka ; Kenya ; Bulgaria and Iran (Islamic Republic of) ; and Cape Verde and Colombia
戈威德民兵制服警察的情况在当前的危机爆发前已经开始,并且可以从苏丹政府本身提供的信息看出。That the Janjaweed overpower the police is a trend that started even before the current crisis and could be detected from information provided by the Government itself
意识到国际社会应对塞米巴拉斯克区域的人、生态和社会经济各层面的问题予以应有的重视Conscious that the international community should pay due attention to the issue of the human, ecological and socio-economic dimensions of the situation in the Semipalatinsk region
如上所述,涉及 ‧ 名被告的四项判决(比迪、巴戈索拉等人案、齐吉拉尼拉佐案和卢昆杜案)已在报告期内作出,预计在今后几个月内对涉及一名被告的三项案件(伦扎霍案、卡里曼齐拉案和恩肖果扎案)作出判决。As mentioned above, four judgements involving seven accused have been delivered (Bikindi, Bagosora et al., Zigiranyirazo and Rukundo) in the reporting period, and three judgements in single-accused cases are expected within the coming months (Renzaho, Kalimanzira and Nshogoza
除了刚刚提及的产妇福利外,西班牙的立法规定,如妇女因妊娠期间存在风险而必须改变职位或调到适合其状况的另一职位,但在理论和客观上都不可能变更职位或以正当理由合理要求调动,在因此而中断雇用合同的情况下,可以领取一种福利,条件与普通病假相同。In addition to the maternity benefits to which reference has just been made, Spanish legislation provides for a cash benefit on the same terms as that provided in cases of temporary disability as a result of ordinary illness, when the employment contract is suspended because of the fact that, since there is a risk during pregnancy, the woman has to change positions or move to another position compatible with her condition, but the change is theoretically and objectively not possible or cannot reasonably be required for justified reasons
年:被毛里求斯国授予:印度洋金星和钥匙大勋章warded by the State of Mauritius: the Grand Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean
《教育法》不仅确认儿童受教育的实体权利,还第一次明确了儿童在受教育过程中享有的基本权利: 参加教育教学计划安排的各种活动,使用教育教学设施、设备、.图书资料; 按照规定获得奖学金、贷学、助学金; 在学业成绩和品行上获得公正评价,完成规定的学业后获得相应的学业证书、学位证书; 对学校给予的处分不服向有关部门申诉,对学校、教师侵犯其人身权、财产权等合法权益,提出申诉或者提起诉讼; 法律、法规规定的其他权利。The Education Act does not only confirm children's right to receive an education, it also clearly sets out for the first time the basic rights that children enjoy during the educational process. These are the rights to
此外 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,于数天前在南基伍强奸一名孕妇的刚果()武装力量的一个中士被判处 ‧ 年徒刑,被逐出刚果()武装力量,并被责令向受害人支付赔偿。In addition, on ‧ uly, a FARDC sergeant who had raped a pregnant woman a few days before in South Kivu was sentenced to ‧ years in prison, expelled from FARDC, and ordered to pay reparations to the victim
他们关于刚果()安全和人道局势的通报非常具体、非常翔实、对安理会了解刚果()当前局势很有帮助。Their briefings on the security and humanitarian situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were very specific and informative and were most helpful to the Council in monitoring the situation in that country
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