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  • traditional money gift at a funeral   

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本金capital; principal
穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
夺金to snatch gold; to take first place in a competition
奪金to take first place in a competition; to snatch gold
刚果(金)congo (kinshasa)
含金gold bearing; metal bearing (ore)
疾风知劲草,烈火见真金to show one's true colors after a stern test
golden; Gold; gold; ; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; chemical element Au; highly respected; surname Kim (Korean); money; metal; surname Jin
金丹elixir of life
金櫃strongbox; safe; metal bookcase
金和欢cassie glauca
金弧夜蛾diachrysia orichalcea
金浆elixir of life
金兰sworn brotherhood; profound friendship
金卤metal halide
金泉Gimcheon (city in South Korea)
金三角Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia); golden triangle
金乌the sun; Golden Crow
金县King County
金印characters tattooed on a convict's face; golden seal
金帐汗国Golden Horde (ancient state)
金帳汗國Golden Horde (ancient state)
开金carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
美金USD; US dollar
描金to outline in gold
年金superannuation; annuity; pension
帕金森的疾病Parkinson's disease
千金; money and riches
退下金retirement pension
吞金to commit suicide by swallowing gold
五金metal hardware (nuts and bolts);
消金; consumer finance
衍生的工作階段金鑰derived session key
炀金molten metal
煬金molten metal
尤金eugene; Eugene

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a) 离职偿利率上升和(或)支付额外 ‧ %增额的时间安排加快,以加强可转性a) An increase in the interest rate for withdrawal settlements and/or acceleration of the schedule for paying additional ‧ per cent increments, with a view to enhancing portability
“欧米茄 ‧ ”试验特别重要。 随着这次实验的进行,我们顺利完成了为期五年的销毁整个核武器试验设施方案,关闭了塞米巴拉斯克试验场的水平向隧道,并销毁了这一试验场中的竖井。The “Omega ‧ ” experiment is of special significance as it has successfully rounded off the five-year programme to eliminate the whole infrastructure for nuclear-weapons testing, comprising the closure of the horizontal tunnels and the destruction of the vertical shafts at the Semipalatinsk test site
刚果民主共和国政府必须采取紧急行动,在刚果()武装力量中建立明确的指挥链和纪律,同时确保与联刚特派团进行密切合作和协调。The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo must take urgent action to establish clear chains of command and discipline within FARDC, while ensuring close cooperation and coordination with MONUC
• 古巴经济研究中心的三名教授获哈佛大学戴维·洛克菲勒拉丁美洲研究中心研究,但由于其签证申请没有得到答复,因此无法前往美国c) Three teachers from the Centre for the Study of the Cuban Economy who had received grants from Harvard University's David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies were unable to travel to the United States because no action was taken on their visa applications
例如,紧急救济协调员在 ‧ 小时内为黎巴嫩、东帝汶和达尔富尔等突发紧急情况批拨了资金,使许多机构得以利用内部储备展开援助活动。For example, funding approval by the Emergency Relief Coordinator for rapid onset emergencies such as those in Lebanon, Timor-Leste and Darfur occurred within ‧ hours, allowing many agencies to begin assistance activities using internal reserves
由于缺乏充分手段,在刚果()全长 ‧ 公里的边界上,移民总局尚未对所有部门进行信息化,以便分类储存出入境人员的资料和情报。Owing to lack of resources, the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Department of Migration has not yet computerized all facilities along its approximately ‧ kilometre-long border with a view to consolidating data and information regarding persons entering or leaving its territory
集团要求赔偿临时证书未付款项和释放而未支付留存,共计 ‧ 美元。The Consortium seeks compensation in the amount of ‧ for unpaid interim certificates and released but unpaid retention monies
委员会建议卢旺达问题国际刑事法庭规定检察官办公定额备用金的核定金额,并规定除非已说明过去预付的使用情况,否则不得再支取预付款。The Board recommends that the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda establish an authorized imprest level for the Office of the Prosecutor and that additional advances not be made unless previous advances have been accounted for
青年就业/福利转就业方案帮助青年工人和领取收入援助者提高就业技能,以增强他们在劳动力市场的稳定性。The Youth Works/Welfare to Work programs assist Youth Works and income assistance recipients to improve their employability skills and thereby strengthen their attachment to the labour market
通过其技术合作部,原子能机构还主办科学考察方案,以扩大发展中国家专家的科学或管理资格;提供研究,以便在较长时段内开发更多的总体技能。The IAEA, through its Department of Technical Cooperation also runs programmes for scientific visits, to broaden the scientific or managerial qualifications of specialists in developing countries, and fellowships, to develop more general skills over a longer time frame
金属矿石,尤其是、银、铜、铅、锌、镍等有色金属,通常都含有汞, 因为富集这些金属的地质过程一般也造成汞的富集。Ores of metals, especially nonferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, and nickel, often contain Hg because the geological processes that concentrate these metals typically also concentrate Hg
认识到伯利进程证书制度能有助于确保安全理事会对冲突钻石贸易实行制裁的相关决议的有效执行,作为预防日后发生冲突的机制;并要求全面执行安理会针对助长冲突的毛坯钻石,特别是冲突钻石非法贸易的现行措施Recognizes that the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme can help to ensure the effective implementation of relevant resolutions of the Security Council containing sanctions on the trade in conflict diamonds, and act as a mechanism for the prevention of future conflicts; and calls for the full implementation of existing Security Council measures targeting the illicit trade in rough diamonds, particularly conflict diamonds which play a role in fuelling conflict
此外 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,刚果()武装力量和联刚特派团成功地重新占领了抵抗阵线设在Tchey的总部。In addition, on ‧ ovember FARDC and MONUC succeeded in recapturing FRPI headquarters at Tchey
各州最高的惩罚如下:南下加利福尼亚( ‧ 年);坎佩切( ‧ 年);恰帕斯( ‧ 年);奇瓦瓦( ‧ 年);科阿韦拉( ‧ 年);科利马( ‧ 年);联邦区( ‧ 年);杜兰戈( ‧ 年)、墨西哥州( ‧ 年)、米却肯( ‧ 年)、莫雷洛斯( ‧ 年)、纳亚里特( ‧ 年)、新莱昂( ‧ 年)、瓦哈卡( ‧ 年)、普埃布拉( ‧ 年)、克雷塔罗( ‧ 年)、塔纳罗奥( ‧ 年)、圣路易斯波托西( ‧ 年)、锡那罗亚( ‧ 年)、索诺拉( ‧ 年)、塔瓦斯科( ‧ 年)、塔毛利帕斯( ‧ 年)、特拉斯卡拉( ‧ 年)、韦拉克鲁斯( ‧ 年)、尤卡坦( ‧ 年)、萨卡特卡斯( ‧ 年)。The maximum penalty in the various states is as follows: Baja California Sur ( ‧ years), Campeche ( ‧ years), Chiapas ( ‧ years), Chihuahua ( ‧ years), Coahuila ( ‧ years), Colima ( ‧ years), Federal District ( ‧ years), Durango ( ‧ years), Mexico State ( ‧ years), Michoacán ( ‧ years), Morelos ( ‧ years), Nayarit ( ‧ years), Nuevo León ( ‧ years), Oaxaca ( ‧ years), Puebla ( ‧ years), Querétaro ( ‧ years), Quintana Roo ( ‧ years), San Luis Potosí ( ‧ years), Sinaloa ( ‧ years), Sonora ( ‧ years), Tabasco ( ‧ years), Tamaulipas ( ‧ years), Tlaxcala ( ‧ years), Veracruz ( ‧ years), Yucatán ( ‧ years), and Zacatecas ( ‧ years
那些有薪酬的雇员也有权领取该法令和ZW规定的福利Those who worked as a salaried employee as well would be entitled to a benefit under both this Act and the ZW
政府在 ‧ 年的预算中划拨了 ‧ 万欧元的资金,用作新合作社的启动支助In its ‧ budget, the Government allocated € ‧ million for the start-up support of new cooperatives
最后,有几个问题对近期形势发展至关重要,我想再强调一下:一. 刚果()已实现的脱离接触和停火,任何一方不得违反,不得后退。First, disengagement and a ceasefire have now been achieved in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There must not be any violation of the disengagement and ceasefire by any party and there must be no backtracking
委员会审议了秘书处提出的关于设立研究方案的补充项目。The Committee considered an additional item relating to a secretariat initiative on the cration of a fellowship programme
但是,工程处很想为缩小赤字而裁减工作人员,但是由于目前的人员编制已经低于可以接受的水平,而且支付解雇偿在短期内对财政有很大影响,因此这种做法负担不起。The Agency however, cannot afford to reduce staff as a deficit-reduction measure, not only because the current level of staffing is below acceptable standards, but also because of the short-term financial implications of paying termination indemnities
在这里,特别是在Kilolirwe和基仓加,专家组发现大批儿童出现在刚果()武装力量的整编旅中,归刚果()武装力量 ‧ 区指挥官Innocent Kabundi上校控制。Here the Group observed significant numbers of children present in the FARDC integrated brigade, in particular at Kilolirwe and Kitchanga, under the control of ‧ nd sector FARDC Commander Colonel Innocent Kabundi
这一数额与日内瓦办事处的零用有关。This amount pertained to petty cash of UNOG
自关闭核试验场所以来,哈萨克斯坦政府已竭尽全力,稳定塞米巴拉斯克区域的局势,采取关于人的康复、生态恢复和经济发展的措施。Since the closure of the nuclear test site, the Government of Kazakhstan has done its utmost to stabilize the situation in the Semipalatinsk region, undertaking measures for human and ecological rehabilitation and economic development
预先登记的前战斗人员将集结在 ‧ 个不同集结地区,然后被送到 ‧ 个地点接收核查、遣散前指导、残疾筛查、拇指照片扫描、登记、发放身份证、艾滋病毒咨询、支付复员援助、发放食品和非粮食包等。Preregistered ex-combatants will be assembled in ‧ different assembly areas and transported to the six sites for verification, pre-discharge orientation, disability screening, photo-thumb scanning, registration, issuance of ID cards, HIV counselling, reinsertion cash payment and issuance of food and non-food-item kits
ev ‧ 项目 ‧ (b)--审查和执行大会第十二届特别会议的《结论文件》:联合国裁军研究、培训和咨询服务 ‧ 国提出的决议草案 [阿、中、英、法、俄、西]ev ‧ tem ‧ (b)-- Review and implementation of the Concluding Document of the Twelfth Special Session of the General Assembly: United Nations disarmament fellowship, raining and advisory services-- One-Power revised draft resolution [A C E F R S]
m) 负债、储备和基金结余m) Liabilities, reserves and fund balances
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