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  • cheerful       
    (adjv   )
  • happy             
    (adjv   )

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從此過著幸福快樂的日子happily ever after
金钱不能买来幸福money can't buy happiness
金錢不能買來幸福money can't buy happiness
快乐happiness; happily; happy; merry; joyful; cheerful
快乐幸福happy; cheerful
快樂joyful; happily; joy; happy; happiness; merry
生日快乐happy birthday; Happy birthday
生日快樂Happy birthday
圣诞快乐Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
聖誕快樂Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
我很快樂。I'm happy.
幸福blessed; happy; happiness; joy
幸福学eudemonics; hedonomics
幸福學eudemonics; hedonomics
助人为快乐之本pleasure from helping others
助人為快樂之本pleasure from helping others

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“年度文化展览会”的目标在于吸引更多的人参与分享艺术的快乐Participation in the deepest sense of the term is the aim here
新加坡残疾人体育委员会的目标是通过体育运动促进新加坡残疾人的幸福,帮他们过上丰富多彩、独立自主的生活。SDSC's goal is to promote, through sports, the well-being of the disabled in Singapore, helping them to live full and independent lives
我们将确保《公约》的所有执行努力都考虑到所有相关人士的年龄和性别,体现出我们一直将幸存者和受害者的幸福作为我们努力的核心目标。We will ensure that all efforts to implement the Convention are sensitive to the age and gender of all those involved and reflect that the well-being of survivors and victims remains at the core of our efforts
最后,我向东帝汶人民和政府表示巴西对其进步、福祉和幸福的最良好祝愿。Let me conclude by expressing to the East Timorese people and Government of Brazil's best wishes for progress, well-being and happiness
这些改革在设计上旨在加强这一部门的效率和有效性,以使之对国家的繁荣和幸福作出更大的贡献。These reforms have been designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this sector so as to enable it to better contribute to national prosperity and well-being
越南政府继续认为,为了所有人的幸福,公正的社会政策是发挥人民建国创造性的强大推动力。The Vietnamese Government continues to believe that just social policies, in pursuit of happiness for the people, constitute a strong driving force to release the people's creativity in nation-building
最后,我们认为,世界范围的全面裁军要求合理调整并改革第一委员会的工作方法,并制定管理各国获得、生产和储存先进武器的有效国际机制,以便创建消除一切威胁的稳定的区域和国际环境,人们在这里可以和平共处,享有安全、幸福和繁荣。In conclusion, we are of the view that worldwide comprehensive disarmament requires the rationalization and reform of the working methods of the First Committee and the Disarmament Commission and the development of effective international mechanisms to regulate States' acquisition, production and stockpiling of advanced weapons, with a view to creating a stable regional and international environment free from all threats and where peaceful coexistence, security, welfare and prosperity prevail
婚姻和家庭是不可替代的结构。 只有在稳定完整的家庭中,男人、妇女和子女才能得到最大的快乐,健康和福祉。The inescapable realities born out in the social research of the past four decades are that men need women and women need men; that marriage and family are irreplaceable institutions; and that men, women and children achieve the greatest happiness, health and well-being in stable, intact families
南方共同市场国家、玻利维亚和智利确信,通过国家、地区和国际社会三级的共同努力,是有可能实现哥本哈根首脑会议及第二十四届特别会议提出的、关于促进社会进步及全民幸福及进一步提高生活标准的目标的。The countries of MERCOSUR, Bolivia and Chile were convinced that the combination of national, regional and international efforts would make it possible to achieve the goals proposed at the Copenhagen Summit and the twenty-fourth special session for the promotion of social progress, well-being and higher standards of living for all
在联合国支持下,全民幸福计划委员会发表了《 ‧ 年不丹千年发展目标需求评估和费用报告》。With the support of the United Nations, the Gross National Happiness Commission published the Bhutan Millennium Development Goals Needs Assessment and Costing Report in
伊朗伊斯兰共和国关于不同文明间对话的建议、巴基斯坦关于开明温和的建议、菲律宾关于宗教间合作促进和平的倡议以及西班牙和土耳其近来提出的建立不同文明间联盟的建议,都是相互加强的,都旨在促进普遍的人类幸福、自由和进步。The proposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran for a dialogue among civilizations, Pakistan's proposal for enlightened moderation, the initiative on interfaith cooperation for peace by the Philippines and the proposal for an alliance of civilizations recently launched by Spain and Turkey are mutually reinforcing and seek to promote universal human welfare, freedom and progress
真正的合作必须建立在公正、民主、平等和有利的国际制度基础上,优先考虑各民族的幸福安康,没有排斥、没有歧视。True cooperation must be promoted in the establishment of just, democratic, equitable and supportive international systems, which placed priority on the well-being of all peoples, without exclusion or discrimination
如果 你 不想 享受 快樂 快樂 會 規定 指派 給 你If you choose not to have fun, fun will be provided for you
卫生组织出版的题为《青少年容易接受的保健服务:改变的议程》着重指出,在致力于此项工作的成年人的协作下,青少年自身能为促进自身的健康和幸福而发挥作用。The WHO publication entitled Adolescent Friendly Health Services- An Agenda for Change highlights the role that adolescents themselves can play, in conjunction with committed adults, to contribute to their own health and well-being
由于被贩卖者的证词是打击贩运者的最好证据,执法机构为惩处贩运者所做的努力不应以这些受害者的安全和幸福为代价。Law enforcement agencies' efforts to prosecute traffickers must not be at the expense of the safety and well-being of victims, as the best evidence against traffickers remained the testimony of the individuals they had trafficked
认识到正如联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处执行主任两年期报告所示,在实现大会第二十届特别会议通过的《政治宣言》(第 ‧ 号决议,附件)所定各项目标方面的进展情况参差不齐,因而大会确认毒品问题仍是全球性挑战,对公众健康和安全以及人类的幸福,特别是对儿童和年轻人构成严重威胁,而且危及社会经济稳定和政治稳定及可持续发展,包括减轻贫穷工作。Aware that progress had been uneven in meeting the goals set out in the Political Declaration adopted by the Assembly at the twentieth special session (resolution ‧ annex), as reflected in the biennial reports of the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Assembly recognized that the drug problem remained a global challenge posing a serious threat to public health and safety and the well-being of humankind, in particular children and young people, and that it undermined socio-economic and political stability and sustainable development, including efforts to reduce poverty
我们必须停下来,想一想,努力奋斗,继续生活,争取幸福One has to stop, think, fight and get on with one's life and be happy
年 ‧ 月,澳大利亚政府发布了保护澳大利亚儿童的国家框架讨论文件《澳大利亚儿童:平安幸福》。In May ‧ the Australian Government released a discussion paper on the national framework for protecting Australia's children, Australia's Children: Safe and Well
深切关怀巴勒斯坦恐怖分子的袭击对以色列儿童的当前和未来的幸福产生严重的后果,包括对心理产生的后果Deeply concerned about the severe consequences, including psychological consequences, of Palestinian terrorist attacks on the present and future well-being of Israeli children
即使国家《宪法》第 ‧ 条和《婚姻和家庭法》第 ‧ 条都规定“只要符合一夫一妻的法律规定,婚姻在法律上便是完全有效的”,但仍然有一夫多妻、无婚姻关系的家庭存在,而且这些家庭与其他家庭一样幸福美满。Even though article ‧ of the national constitution and article ‧ of the Law on Marriage and Family have acknowledged that “the marriage is fully and legally effective, provided that it is adhered to the norms as stated in the law under the condition of single spouse”, there still families exist without marriage, having single husband with two or more wives, and those families live as happily as others
为了有效保护儿童的权利和幸福,新的《家庭关系法》保留了规定当儿童权利遭受侵害时人人有责任通知社会福利中心的条款。With the purpose of efficient protection of rights and well being of a child in the new Family Law the provision was kept that stipulates that everybody is obliged to inform social welfare centre on violation of the rights of a child
“强调男女平等和尊重所有家庭成员的所有人权和基本自由对家庭幸福和整个社会极为重要,注意到兼顾工作与家庭生活的重要性,并确认双亲对于子女的养育和发展负有共同责任的原则“Emphasizing that equality between women and men and respect for all the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all family members are essential to family well-being and to society at large, noting the importance of reconciliation of work and family life, and recognizing the principle that both parents have common responsibilities for the upbringing and development of the child
所欠缺的是为人类谋幸福的政治意愿和团结心愿,应当养活人而不是为机器加油,要停止强加援助条件,消除市场扭曲情况,因为市场扭曲使发展中国家的农民竞争不过发达世界的农民。What was lacking was the political will and solidarity to contribute to human well-being, to feed people instead of fuelling machines, to stop imposing conditions on assistance and to remove market distortions which prevented farmers in the developing world from being as competitive as those in the developed world
在朝鲜民主主义人民共和国,国家为全体公民提供真正的民主权利,自由及幸福的物质和文化生活。In the DPRK, the State provides all citizens with true democratic rights, freedom and a happy material and cultural life
特别承认土著家庭和社区有权依照儿童权利,保留养育、培训、教育他们的子女及保证子女幸福的共同责任ecognizing in particular the right of indigenous families and communities to retain shared responsibility for the upbringing, training, education and well-being of their children, consistent with the rights of the child
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