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  • young             
    (Adjective  ) (adjv   )
    in the early part of life or growth
    as if young
    The offspring or descendants of an animal (in some languages, it is used to refer to humans).
    Diskennad ul loen (implijet evit diskennidi mab-den e yezhoù zo ivez).
    In the early part of growth or life.
    E stad kentañ ar vuhez ma kresker.
    in the early part of life or growth

Similar phrases in dictionary Breton English. (3)

Jan Brueghel yaouank
Jan Brueghel the Younger
Pieter Brueghel yaouank
Pieter Brueghel the Younger

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br Re yaouank out evit mervel, va mignon.
en You're too young to die, my friend.
br Yaouank e vezer ur wech hepken.
en You are only young once.
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