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Subject: Call for emergency intervention by the EU in relation to the drought in the Po Valley
All the grain from the Po Valley area arrived here to be stored before being sent on to Venice.
Subject: Support for the Po Valley dairy farmers’ campaign
A village....... in the Po Valley
Obviously densely populated areas like the Po valley, the Ruhrgebiet and the Benelux countries will not be part of this 37 %.
The scale of the environmental disaster, in which thousands of cubic metres of oil were spilt, not only undermines the ecosystem of the River Lambro, with consequences for the fauna too, but is also in danger of spreading - in spite of the action taken - to the River Po, which runs across the entire Po Valley until it meets the Adriatic Sea.
Two days after the end of that instance of the Po Valley has submitted an application to extend considerably reducing the search area: the new plan, called "Bernaga" includes mainly the Park.
The complex network of irrigation ditches and canals, necessary for this extension of cultivated lands, led to the construction of watermills and "closed courtyard" farmhouses, a typical farmstead form of the Po Valley region. The model is a continuous series of not very high buildings, industrialised, forming a solid perimeter around the farmyard, an open space which was originally used to place the sheaves and for threshing cereals.
Let the Belgians elect all the idiotic Deputy Prime Ministers they like, but he cannot be allowed to offend the Italians, the people of the Po Valley and their elected representatives!
The organic farm Bio Nonno is located in the heart of the Po Valley in the middle between the provinces of Modena, Bologna and Ferrara.
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