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Salame Cremona is a very well-known product with a long-established reputation, as is clear from its traditional presence in agricultural and food fairs in the Po valley, and its wide distribution on the major national and international markets, which itself justifies the application for it to be recognised as a protected geographical indication
A village....... in the Po Valley
The part of the production area near the Po valley is exclusively rolling, crossed by rivers and canals and marked by crop products, particularly grassland and maize
The reduction in ozone-creating substances which the Commission proposes will mean that only 37 % of the territory of the European Union will meet the standard laid down by WHO. Obviously densely populated areas like the Po valley, the Ruhrgebiet and the Benelux countries will not be part of this 37 %.
Moreover, on becoming a member of Europe, the rules of this Islamic country which strictly forbids the use of alcohol will also be imposed on our peoples, including the glorious Celts, from the Irish to the Bretons, and we people of the Po valley who are proud to love our wine and our beer.
Obviously densely populated areas like the Po valley, the Ruhrgebiet and the Benelux countries will not be part of this 37 %.
Is the European Commission aware that this anomaly has had serious repercussions on farmers in the Po Valley who are even now still being forced to leave their farms to take part in demonstrations or man roadblocks in Milan and Rome to demand that the Italian Government safeguard the rights of Po Valley dairy production at European level?
By April the general collapse of Germany had begun; the Allies broke into the Po Valley and raced northward towards the Italian Alps.
The scale of the environmental disaster, in which thousands of cubic metres of oil were spilt, not only undermines the ecosystem of the River Lambro, with consequences for the fauna too, but is also in danger of spreading - in spite of the action taken - to the River Po, which runs across the entire Po Valley until it meets the Adriatic Sea.
Rimini he Province of Rimini is situated at the southernmost end of the Po Valley, where the Apennines border the sea.
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