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Simple past tense and past participle of arbiter.

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But if war must be resorted to in this case, then the Council- and thus the United Nations collectively- should be the final arbiter of the decision or decisions that are to be made
Bell had complained that while the Commission was purporting to act as an impartial arbiter, it was on the side of the union, and was advising them on how to lay complaints. Bell said it carried out a pay equity study with its unions to be used only for future bargaining purposes, but the Commission had used those confidential results to substantiate pay equity complaints.
The parameters we emphasize are (i) the production of seeds and asexual stems (both of which, we argue, are a function of basal area density), (ii) the dispersal of seeds by wind (or the dispersion of asexual stems) as a function of distance from source, (iii) dormant seed bank capacity, (iv) organic layer depth as a determinant of germinant mortality and asexual bud response, and (v) shade tolerance as a partial arbiter of the density of advanced regeneration.
How buyers will perceive Canadian exporters and what they have to sell may be influenced favorably by key influencers or arbiters of taste.
stressing the need to strengthen the role of the United Nations Security Council, as final arbiter, in order that it can take appropriate action in the event of non-compliance with NPT obligations, in keeping with the Statute of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), including the application of safeguards
This is probably the most hated and insolent institution in Poland. Public Prosecutors Office in Wroclaw pressed charges for corruption against more than 300 persons: arbiters, players, observers and activists.
During such disciplines like : Sparring "VOIEVOD" (individual), Sparring "VOIEVOD" (team)and Weapon Fight four judges, the corner arbiters, are seated, in the corners of sparring area. Their task is to record the obtained by the competitors points according to the Judging Rules.
A New Mexico woman was named final arbiter of taste and justice today... ending God' s lengthy search for someone to straighten this country out
Finally, we support the retention of the verification and inspection expertise of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission in order to enhance the expertise and capacity of the Security Council, which is the final arbiter on the consequences of non-compliance in meeting the challenge of proliferation
The right to appeal to an independent, impartial national legal body must be ensured for all parties involved in the electoral process. A transparent complaints procedure should be established as a review mechanism which should serve as the final arbiter of disputes.
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