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Simple past tense and past participle of arbiter.

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But since they have set themselves up as arbiters of literature, since they have begun to criticize books and to put their forces into making them, they are no longer good judges of anything. Authors who take the advice of lady scholars will always be ill advised; suitors who consult them about their clothes will always be absurdly dressed.
In its role as a neutral, third party regulator and arbiter, the CGC works in partnership with virtually every participant in the industry, including other government departments and agencies.
His delegation once again condemned the unilateral actions undertaken by certain States, particularly the one which had the world's largest drug consumption, which had no right to assume the role of an international arbiter of good behaviour in the area of drugs, since it had obtained very meagre results through the application of its own measures
At the same time, some discussants cautioned that, while greater interaction was worthwhile, it complicated and extended the mission, while perhaps portraying the Council as a final arbiter or tribunal
Likewise, from these notions a definition of the medium emerges that will enable given uses and forms, relegating others, simultaneously instituting a group of agents that will function as arbiters of photographic production.
Arbiter of life.
The Steering Board is the final arbiter on the design and introduction of the numerous projects which make up the core programmes
This is probably the most hated and insolent institution in Poland. Public Prosecutors Office in Wroclaw pressed charges for corruption against more than 300 persons: arbiters, players, observers and activists.
This listing is not an absolute arbiter of impacts or asset values affected, but rather a general indicator to facilitate analysis during the Vulnerability Assessment.
Although Heeney would continue with his restructuring task, the new government refused to commit itself to the idea of the CSC as an independent arbiter.
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