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Compound of the formal second-person singular (usted) imperative form of cuidar, cuide and the pronoun se .

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Odo, cuídeseOdo, take care of yourself
Cuídese, FrankTake care, Frank
¡ Hastings, váyase a casa...... y cuídese esa infortunada dolencia!Hastings, goes for house to treat his disease
Cuídese hasta la reunificaciónTake care till reunification
De acuerdo, cuídeseOkay, take care
Cuídese muchoTake care of yourself
Adiós, cuídese muchoGoodbye Take care
- Abráceme - dijo el boticario con lágrimas en los ojos - . Tome su abrigo, mi buen amigo; tenga cuidado con el frío. Ą Cuídese, mire por su salud!< Embrace me, > said the druggist with tears in his eyes. < Here is your coat, my good friend. Mind the cold; take care of yourself; look after yourself. >
Usted sólo cuídese de ese Expediente XAnd watch out for that file folder
Cuídese, ¿ de acuerdo?Take care, all right?
Cuidese, y presente mis respetos a su maridoTake care, and my respects to your husband
Bueno... cuídese, sargentoWell... you take care of yourself, Sergeant
Cuídese, Sra.PaulsonTake care, Mrs. Paulson
Cuidese, o tambien lo abrazaraTake care, as well as embrace
Cuídese, mano de secciónTake care, section hand
Y cuídese de las aprovechadorasAnd keep a look out for the floozies
¡ Venga, cuídese!Take care of yourself!
Cuídese de este lugarBeware of this place
Cuídese, CoopBless your heart, Coop
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