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Compound of the formal second-person singular (usted) imperative form of cuidar, cuide and the pronoun se .

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Cuídese, Sra.PaulsonTake care, Mrs. Paulson
Gracias, cuídeseThanks for the [ inaudible ], take care
Cuídese, cuídeseTake care, take care!
Cuídese, o también lo abrazaráWatch out or he' il be putting his arm around you, too
adiós cuidese adiósGood byeTake care of yourself Good bye
¡ Cuídese, Sr.Brtko!Watch yourself, Mr. Brtko!
Cuídese de donde caminaWatch your step
Cuídese de que no llegue allí primeroCareful I don' t get there first
Ya lo dice la expresión latina Caveat emptor (“Cuídese el comprador”).There is no way to know which it will be. Caveat emptor .
Cuídese, maestro YanTake care, Master Yan
Cuídese, FrankTake care, Frank
Cuídese, detectiveYou take care of yourself, detective
Cuidese, y presente mis respetos a su maridoTake care, and my respects to your husband
Gracias, y por favor cuídese muchoThank you.Please take care of yourself
Cuídese, doctor KovacTake care of yourself, Dr. Kovac
Cuídese, androideTake care of yourself, android
Mejor cuídese de las aprovechadoras.- ¿ Las aprovechadoras?You better watch out for the floozies.- The floozies?
Cuídese, por favor.Please take care of yourself.
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