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  • you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge   
  • you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path   

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爱老虎你I love you (jocular transliteration from English)
别回头看,你不会再走回头路。Don't look back. You're not going that way.
操你妈fuck your mother (vulgar)
操你媽fuck your mother (vulgar)
肏你妈fuck your mother (vulgar);
肏你媽fuck your mother (vulgar)
從此過著幸福快樂的日子happily ever after
当我的计算机空闲以下时间时,将我显示为“离开”Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
发给我的电子邮件笔记Notes E-mailed To Me
将除我之外的所有人都设为静音Mute All Except Me
將我顯示為離開,當我的電腦閒置超過:Show me as away when my computer is idle for this time period:
仅我的代码Just My Code
可以请你喝一杯吗can I buy you a drink
可以請你喝一杯嗎can I buy you a drink
瀏覽過的超連結visited hyperlink
沒有冒犯你的意思no offense
没有冒犯你的意思no offense
thine; thy; singular; thou; ; you
你从哪里来的where are you from
你從哪裡來的where are you from
你的电话号码是什么what's your phone number
你的電話號碼是什麼what's your phone number
你等; you all (archaic)
你好; good afternoon; hi; how are you; hello
你叫什么名字what is your name; what's your name
你叫什麼名字what's your name; what is your name
你經常來這兒嗎do you come here often
你说得对you're right
你說得對you're right
你信教吗are you religious
你信教嗎are you religious
你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥you hit the high road, I'll cross the log bridge; you take the easy way, I'll follow the hard path
如你所愿as you wish
如你所願as you wish
篩選過的檢視filtered view
維護你的利益looking after your interest
我爱你aloha; I love you
我的mine; my
我的、你們的,都是她的sheli v’shelachem, shelah
我的报表My Reports
我的報表My Reports
我的播放列表My Playlists
我的播放清單My Playlists
我的查询My Queries
我的查詢My Queries
我的代码My Code
我的电脑My Computer
我的電腦My Computer
我的订阅My Subscriptions
我的訂閱My Subscriptions
我的朋友和他們的朋友My friends and their friends
我的设备My Device
我的视频My Videos
我的視訊My Videos
我的首頁My Home page
我的文档My Documents
我的文件My Documents
我的音乐My Music
我的音樂My Music
我的支援My Support
我的主页My Home page
我的裝置My Device
我的状态My Status
我的狀態My Status
我的資訊owner information
我的最愛資料夾Favorite Folders
我试着用中文思考,这样我的思维过程会更自然。I try to think in Chinese, so it becomes natural to my thought process.
我試著用中文思考,這樣我的思維過程會更自然。I try to think in Chinese, so it becomes natural to my thought process.
我怎么称呼你what's your name
我怎麼稱呼你what's your name
依我的淺見in my humble opinion
已访问过的超链接followed hyperlink
已瀏覽過的超連結followed hyperlink
真的太谢谢你了thanks a lot
祝你好運good luck
最近存取過的檔案Most Recently Accessed Files
最近未存取過的檔案Least Recently Accessed Files
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司门户Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal
Microsoft Online Services 我的公司入口網站Microsoft Online Services My Company Portal

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激活“ device-uni” 上网络“ network-uni ” 。 ‧ 此外, 如果使用 WEP‧ 加密, 也可以用十六进制密钥“ key” 来启用网络 。 ‧ 验证方式“ authentication” 应该是下列之一 : ‧ wep hex‧|ascii‧|hex‧|ascii‧|passphrase‧|passphrase‧ ' key ' [ open|shared ] ‧ wpapsk wpa|wpa‧ tkip|ccmp-aes password ‧ wpaeap 在 solidshell 中尚未实现Activate the network 'network-uni ' on 'device-uni '. ‧ Optionally, use WEP‧, open-system encryption with hex key 'key '. (Hardcoded) ‧ Where 'authentication ' is one of: ‧ wep hex‧|ascii‧|hex‧|ascii‧|passphrase‧|passphrase‧ 'key ' [ open|shared ] ‧ wpapsk wpa|wpa‧ tkip|ccmp-aes password ‧ wpaeap UNIMPLEMENTED IN SOLIDSHELL
Krita 图形界面模块CommentGUI functionality for Krita
說 星期五 停 一下 但是 人們 太熱 情 了It' s not your average sort of Friday night event, but people seem to be enjoying themselves
我们还表示赞扬感谢易卜拉欣·甘巴里先生以他先前担任非洲问题特别顾问身分所开展工作,并感谢他开展了有关联合国系统对新伙伴关系执行工作。We also wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Ibrahim Gambari for his work in his previous capacity as Special Adviser on Africa, as well as his work on the implementation of NEPAD by the United Nations system
贸发会议应当进一步帮助发展中国家确定在实际运用国际协议中有关技术转让条款方面方式和方法,并且帮助它们尽可能扩大这些协议潜在效益。UNCTAD should furthermore assist developing countries in identifying ways and means to operationalize technology transfer clauses in international agreements, and in maximizing the potential benefits of those agreements
在此阶段,最重要是通过正式和非正式管道,进行对话,寻求折衷。At this stage, it is vital to conduct a dialogue and seek compromises through formal and informal channels
进而考虑到缔约国并未否认上述这些事实,而且未采取必要措施惩治谋杀受害人责任者,委员会认为,缔约国并未尊重或保障Gustavo Coronel Navarro、Nahún Elías Sánchez Vega、Ramón Emilio Sánchez、Ramón Emilio Quintero Ropero、Luis Honorio Quintero Ropero、Ramón Villegas Téllez和Luis Ernesto Ascanio Ascanio生命权,违反了《公约》第六条第一款。Considering, furthermore, that the State party has not refuted these facts and that it has not taken the necessary measures against the persons responsible for the murder of the victims, the Committee concludes that the State did not respect or guarantee the right to life of Gustavo Coronel Navarro, Nahún Elías Sánchez Vega, Ramón Emilio Sánchez, Ramón Emilio Quintero Ropero, Luis Honorio Quintero Ropero, Ramón Villegas Téllez and Luis Ernesto Ascanio Ascanio, in violation of article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Covenant
农业和林业使用农药主要是合成有机化合物。Pesticides used in agriculture and forestry are mainly synthetic organic compounds
导则草案评注案文,见《大会正式记录,第六十一届会议,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ ),第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段,第 ‧ 段。For the text and commentary on these draft guidelines, see Official Records of the General Assembly, Sixty-first Session, Supplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), pp ‧ para
这是工发组织第一次为外地办事处一般事务人员举办此类集中培训。This is the first concentrated group training of its kind for GS field office staff ever undertaken by UNIDO
委员会表示希望会员国不久将就选举组织委员会成员时各区域组席位分配达成协商一致。The Commission expresses its hope that the Member States will soon reach a consensus on the allocation of the seats among the regional groups for the election of the members of the Organizational Committee
登记有助于查询和家庭团圆、促进妇女增强对难民营生活参与,并帮助妇女就持久解决办法作出更为知情决定。It assists tracing and family reunification, promotes increased participation by women in camp life, and helps them to make more informed decisions about durable solutions
牙买加实施《美洲国家管制火器及其零部件和弹药国际流动示范条例》,作为其监测经由牙买加入境口岸武器、弹药和爆炸物流向行政指南。Jamaica applies the Inter-American Model Regulations for the Control of the International Movement of Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition as its administrative guide for monitoring of the movement of weapons, ammunition and explosives via Jamaican ports of entry
作为土地利用连续性统一体一部,人造林对可持续生计和可持续森林管理可发挥重大作用。As part of a continuum of land uses, planted forests play an important role in contributing to sustainable livelihoods and sustainable forest management in ways that complement that of other land uses
另据指出,国际机构并未对影响到国际商务欺诈做法,特别是其商业方面予以充分解决。It was also observed that fraudulent practices that affected international commerce had not been sufficiently addressed by international bodies, particularly with respect to their commercial aspects
感谢荷兰、挪威、西班牙和瑞典政府提供了资金支持 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在埃塞俄比亚亚的斯亚贝巴举行指定国家主管部门论坛并感谢埃塞俄比亚政府主办了这次会议Entities accredited and provisionally designated by the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism and recommended for designation by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol for validation and verification/certification for specific sectoral scopes
这包括 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日发生在Ba'qubah事件,当时,美军士兵在儿童游乐场分发玩具,一名自杀炸弹手引爆了背心里炸药,炸死 ‧ 名儿童。These include an incident that occurred on ‧ ovember ‧ in Ba'qubah, when a suicide bomber detonated his vest containing explosives while United States soldiers were handing out toys to children in a playground, killing three children
此类方案还必须考虑到女童战斗人员以及与武装团体有关联女童特殊关切。Such programmes must also take account of the particular concerns of girl combatants and girls associated with armed groups
大会在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议中,除其他外,注意到秘书长关于全球化及其对充分享受所有人权影响报告( ‧ ),而且请秘书长进一步征求会员国和联合国系统相关机构意见并就此问题向大会第六十四届会议提交一份实质性报告。In its resolution ‧ of ‧ ecember ‧ the General Assembly, inter alia, took note of the report of the Secretary-General on globalization and its impact on the full enjoyment of all human rights ( ‧ ) and requested the Secretary-General to seek further the views of Member States and relevant organizations of the United Nations system and to submit a substantive report on that subject to the Assembly at its sixty-fourth session
我们认为,武器贸易条约应涵盖所有常规武器,例如--但不限于--作战坦克、装甲战斗车、大口径火炮装置、作战飞机、攻击直升机、战船、导弹和导弹发射器、单兵携带防空系统(肩扛导弹)、弹药、爆炸物,以及最重要--小武器和轻武器及其弹药。We are of the opinion, that the arms trade treaty should cover all conventional arms such as, but not limited to, battle tanks, armoured combat vehicles, large-calibre artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, warships, missiles and missile launchers, man portable air defence systems (MANPADS), munitions, explosives and, most importantly, small arms and light weapons (SALW) and their ammunition
为了后代利益,非洲人民应该共同进步,弥补失去时间。For the sake of future generations, it was time for the peoples of Africa to move forward together in order to make up for lost time
斐济代表团赞赏秘书长关于国际合作打击世界毒品问题报告( ‧ ),并且支持麻醉药品委员会要求国际社会在落实第二十届特别会议决定过程中发挥创新精神呼吁。His delegation commended the Secretary-General's report on international cooperation against the world drug problem ( ‧ ) and supported the call by the Commission on Narcotic Drugs for the international community to be innovative in its follow-up on the twentieth special session
特设委员会在其第 ‧ 次会议上通过了其第六届会议报告。At its ‧ th meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee adopted the report of its sixth session
欢迎太平洋岛屿论坛发展合作伙伴提供资源和技术援助,包括日本促进地球降温方案、欧洲联盟全球气候变化同盟等新倡议,支助采取切实措施,消除气候变化对太平洋岛国影响,同时指出太平洋小岛屿发展中国家应优先获得可持续融资,以在实地立即切实执行具体应变方案WELCOMING the resources and technical assistance from PFD Partners including new initiatives such as the Japanese Cool Earth Promotion Programme and the European Union's Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) that support practical measures to address the impacts of climate change in Pacific Island Countries, while noting that the priority of Pacific SIDS is securing sustainable financing for immediate and effective implementation of concrete adaptation programmes on the ground
经济事务部参加了劳工部协调组织一个机制,目的是监督加工工业工人(男/女)人权落实状况。The Ministry of Economic Affairs participates in a body coordinated by the Ministry of Labour with the aim of ensuring respect for the human rights of maquila workers
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