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  • audit mode   
    The stage of the preinstallation process used to test a manufactured computer before it is delivered to the end user.

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“导航”模式Navigation mode
“移动”模式Move mode
安静模式quiet mode
安靜模式quiet mode
保护模式protected mode
背景图形模式background graphics mode
背景圖形模式background graphics mode
筆跡收集模式ink collection mode
拨号模式Dialing Patterns
成熟模式cooked mode
傳輸模式transmission method; transfer mode
创建模式create mode
導覽模式Navigation mode
對稱式數字模式symmetrical number pattern
多重資料行排序模式multiple column sort mode
分格模式boxed mode
工厂模式factory mode
共同功能模式組cofunctional mode set
共用模式sharing mode
關聯式模式relational model
管理员模式安装administrative setup
管理員核准模式Admin Approval Mode
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
缓存 Exchange 模式Cached Exchange Mode
活动审核activity audit
集成模式Integrated mode
计算机模式computer simulation
简单恢复模式simple recovery model
建立模式create mode
交談模式conversation mode
接聽模式answer mode
竞争模式competition model
競爭模式competition model
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
劇院模式theater mode
浏览器兼容的模式browser-compatible mode
每個裝置授權模式Per Device licensing mode
每设备授权模式Per Device licensing mode
模式匹配字符pattern-matching character
模式转换器Mode Switcher
墨迹收集模式ink collection mode
墨迹输入模式ink entry mode
内核模式protected mode; kernel mode; Ring 0; supervisor mode
内核模式驱动程序kernel-mode driver
球型模式Ball Mode
取景模式panning mode
审核; audit; verify; to investigate thoroughly; auditing; to audit
审核策略audit policy
审核历史记录audit history
审核日志audit log
審核to investigate thoroughly; to audit
使用者模式例外user mode exception
收集模式collection mode
睡眠模式sleep mode
順延強制模式deferred enforcement mode
损坏的中缀模式corrupted infix pattern
缩减功能模式Reduced Functionality Mode
锁定模式locked mode
聽寫模式dictation mode
突发模式burst mode
完整復原模式full recovery model
文件模式file mode
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
显示模式display mode
限时模式Time Attack Mode
限制撥號模式number pattern; Number pattern
详细模式verbose mode
寫入模式write mode
修復模式recovery mode
虚拟模式Virtualization Mode
虚拟模式数据绑定virtual-mode data binding
虛擬模式資料繫結virtual-mode data binding
業務模式business model
音效模擬模式Virtualization Mode
引用模式reference mode
隱形模式stealth mode
原生模式native mode
遠端桌面授權模式Remote Desktop licensing mode
偵錯模式debugging mode
執行緒模式threading model
中缀模式infix pattern
种植模式cropping patterns
自動認可模式autocommit mode
自動樣式應用程式模式auto style application mode
BitLocker 停用模式BitLocker disabled mode

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人权常务委员会建议废除联邦和各省的监狱和感化机构采用军事化管理模式的规定,同时建议当这些机构和体系的成员因实施上述罪行而被指控时,规定其不再有权享受其所在机构为其指定的律师的辩护,努力采取措施防止在监狱中因暴力虐待致死的不断发生,并对监狱中发生的暴力虐待罪行彻查到底。APDH recommends repealing the laws assimilating federal and provincial prison administrations to military institutions, including the laws that guarantee members of those administrations “the right” to be defended by lawyers from the same institution if they are accused of offences; it also advocates action to prevent the recurrence of violent deaths in prison, and investigations into crimes taking place in prisons
联委会审核了过世受益人未偿清款额的应收款计划并注意到,截至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,未偿清的款额为 ‧ 万美元,构成该总数的多数差额为长期未偿清款额。The Board reviewed the accounts receivable schedule of outstanding amounts from deceased beneficiaries and noted that as at ‧ ovember ‧ there was an outstanding amount of $ ‧ million and some of the balances that made up that total were long outstanding
我们昨天与非政府组织举行的阿里亚模式的会议是民间社会和安全理事会之间对话的一个重要的开端。The Arria-format meeting which we had with non-governmental organizations yesterday is an important beginning of dialogue between civil society and the Security Council
然而,这些经济活动一般都属于劳动密集型,它们并不能与以带薪工作为主的劳动力市场的传统经济模式完全吻合。While these activities are generally labour-intensive in nature, they do not fit neatly into conventional economic models of labour markets focused on waged labour
决心遵循 ‧ 年《柏林宪章》确定的合作模式,并在国际联合会的全球议程和新的运营模式下开展工作Being determined to follow the patterns of cooperation established by the Berlin Charter in ‧ and to work within the Global Agenda and the New Operating Model of the International Federation
E. 制订政策概述报告和环境署沿海与海洋环境评估模式E. Development of policy summary reports and a UNEP module for the assessment of the coastal and marine environment
他回顾了执行局提供的指导,包括对需要统一基金和方案提出的评论意见,特别是儿童基金会和人口基金,并铭记每一组织的不同任务和业务模式He recalled guidance provided by the Executive Board, including comments on the need for harmonization among the funds and programmes, especially UNICEF and UNFPA, bearing in mind the distinct mandates and business models of each organization
现已采取向执行伙伴转移现金的统一新做法,这种做法根据能力评估情况采用适当的转移模式,可能有助于降低国家执行方案的风险。The new harmonized approach to cash transfers to implementing partners (HACT) may help reduce the risk associated with national execution (NEX) through the adoption of the appropriate transfer modality based on capacity assessment
气候模式反常与自然灾害增多相联的实际证据在 ‧ 年期间即已出现。 在这一时期内,有 ‧ %的自然灾害由水文气象原因造成。Empirical evidence of the link between distorted weather patterns and the increase in natural disasters had emerged in the period ‧ when ‧ per cent of natural disasters had been shown to be due to hydro-meteorological causes
在作审计时正在制定一个总部审计风险评估模式An audit risk assessment model was being developed in respect of headquarters at the time of the audit
约翰内斯堡首脑会议的《执行计划》第 ‧ 段要求订立“一个用以支持加速向可持续的消费和生产模式转变的区域和国家行动的 ‧ 年期方案框架...”。The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation calls, in paragraph ‧ for the development of “a ‧ year framework of programmes in support of regional and national initiatives to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production...”
人力资源管理厅和外勤支助部已相应制订了一个有用的模式The Office of Human Resources Management and the Department of Field Support have accordingly formulated a useful model
假如说存在着衡量个人经济行为的“新模式”,那么这就是我们最有可能找到和追循“新模式”的方式。If there is a “new paradigm” for individual economic behaviour, that is the way we are most likely to find and track it
有些专家认为,必须解决《服务贸易总协定》模式 ‧ 与保护所有移徙工人权利的国际公约之间的现有不协调之处。Furthermore, some experts highlighted the need to solve the existing inconsistencies between GATS mode ‧ and the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers
审咨委认定,就监督厅的独立性、职能和报告方式而言,它可能无法与很多大型私营部门公司中的传统内部监督单位模式直接比较。The Committee concludes that, in regard to its independence, functions and reporting, OIOS may not be directly comparable to the traditional model of internal oversight entity found in many of the large private sector corporations
按照世贸组织《服务贸易总协定》不同模式对服务贸易数据作出比较时,通过国外商业存在提供信通技术带动的服务(模式 ‧ )从国际收支绝对值来看,超过了其他方式提供的服务( ‧ )。When comparing data on services trade by the different WTO GATS modes, ICT-enabled services delivered through commercial presence abroad (Mode ‧ ) exceed in absolute terms balance-of-payments registered deliveries through the other modes
阿富汗公民在其当代史上第一次选择了自己的治理和社会、政治及经济发展的模式For the first time in their contemporary history, Afghan citizens have chosen their own model of governance and social, political and economic development
为此设计了职业专业化服务概念模式,并且将该模式作为确认和进行优先任务,以及制定战略的主要因素,它通过一种战略性、系统性,最重要的是共同语言,来帮助统一对项目组织的解释。To that end, the conceptual model of the Career Professional Service (SPC) was designed and became a key element for identifying and performing priority tasks and devising strategies. It helped harmonize the organizational interpretation of the project through a strategic, systemic and, above all, common language
审计委员会审核了联合国人口基金(人口基金) ‧ 两年期财务报表。The Board of Auditors has audited the financial statements of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the biennium
培训模式将针对来自不同职务单位、并参加调查检查组队的工作人员。The training module will target staff from various functional units who participate in inspection teams
落实区域中心模式和随后把驻地调查员从特派团调往这些中心,将会减少授权从事新任务时的增设员额需求。The implementation of the regional centre model and the subsequent relocation of the resident investigators from the missions to those centres will result in less demand for additional posts when new missions are mandated
像今天这样我们思维的真正改变是令人非常痛苦的,它必须要突破既有的条条框框,在很大程度上放弃原来的思维模式,但它也充满了新的认识、机会和责任。Real change like today's in our thinking is full of the discomfort of the destruction of well-established assumptions, very hard on old liturgy, but it is also full of new perceptions, possibilities and responsibilities
履行机构注意到非附件一缔约方在如何使用和应用温室气体清单、脆弱性和适应性评估以及减轻影响评估的工具、方法和模式方面的能力建设和培训需求及关切,这些需求和关切是在菲律宾马尼拉举行非附件一缔约方国家信息通报编制问题研讨会提出的( ‧ )。The SBI took note of the needs and concerns of non-Annex I Parties relating to capacity-building and training on the use and application of tools, methods and models for greenhouse gas inventories, vulnerability and adaptation assessments and mitigation assessments, as identified at the workshop on the preparation of national communications from non-Annex I Parties held in Manila, Philippines
发达国家和多边发展机构应避免强迫发展中国家接受某种发展模式,而是应准许它们选择自己的发展道路;它们还必须帮助发展中国家提高能力建设,并提供给它们更多不附带条件的援助。The developed countries and the multilateral development agencies should refrain from imposing development models on the developing countries, instead allowing them to choose their own road to development; they must also help to enhance capacity-building in developing countries and offer them more untied aid
最佳做法干事协助学习进程,确保最佳做法记录在册,并确保把可付诸实施的建议转达给特派团领导层以供审核和采取行动,而且也转达给总部,供其他特派团参考并用于今后编写指导材料。The Best Practices Officer facilitates the learning process and ensures that good practices are documented and that the actionable recommendations are forwarded to the mission's leadership for review and action as well as to Headquarters for the reference of other missions and for the development of guidance materials in future
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