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  • traditional money gift at a funeral   

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本金capital; principal
穿金戴银richly bedecked; dripping with gold and silver (idiom)
穿金戴銀dripping with gold and silver (idiom); richly bedecked
夺金to snatch gold; to take first place in a competition
奪金to take first place in a competition; to snatch gold
刚果(金)congo (kinshasa)
含金gold bearing; metal bearing (ore)
疾风知劲草,烈火见真金to show one's true colors after a stern test
golden; Gold; gold; ; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; chemical element Au; highly respected; surname Kim (Korean); money; metal; surname Jin
金丹elixir of life
金櫃strongbox; safe; metal bookcase
金和欢cassie glauca
金弧夜蛾diachrysia orichalcea
金浆elixir of life
金兰sworn brotherhood; profound friendship
金卤metal halide
金泉Gimcheon (city in South Korea)
金三角Golden Triangle (Southeast Asia); golden triangle
金乌the sun; Golden Crow
金县King County
金印characters tattooed on a convict's face; golden seal
金帐汗国Golden Horde (ancient state)
金帳汗國Golden Horde (ancient state)
开金carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
美金USD; US dollar
描金to outline in gold
年金superannuation; annuity; pension
帕金森的疾病Parkinson's disease
千金; money and riches
退下金retirement pension
吞金to commit suicide by swallowing gold
五金metal hardware (nuts and bolts);
消金; consumer finance
衍生的工作階段金鑰derived session key
炀金molten metal
煬金molten metal
尤金eugene; Eugene

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业务计划的活动没有适当的运作预算或财政支助,在这样的情况下大多数中心没有储备Without a proper operational budget or financial support for the activities under the business plans, most of the centres have no reserves
在其他地区,如南基伍和伊图里,军事审计员中也出现了积极的迹象,他们最近采取了一些行动,更加认真地处理对刚果()武装部队和国家警察成员的指控。In other regions like South Kivu and Ituri, positive signs have been registered among the Auditeurs militaires, who have lately taken a number of actions to address accusations against members of FARDC and national police more seriously
刚果民主共和国政府还应当根据《内罗毕公报》,将刚果()武装力量对卢民主力量采取显而易见、切实有效的行动放在优先地位。Priority should also be given by the Government to visible and effective action by the armed forces against FDLR, in accordance with the Nairobi communiqué
此外,自他于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月起参加霍普斯大学高等国际研究学院以来,代表已开始设立一个流离失所问题研究中心。In addition, with his affiliation as of June ‧ with Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), the Representative has begun to establish a Centre for Displacement Studies
家庭福利由国家社会保险局管理。Family benefits are administered by the State Social Insurance Agency
在本报告所述期间,几内亚西南的富雷卡里亚和迪亚地区局势十分紧张,发生了好几起越界入侵事件。During the reporting period, tension has been high in the Forecariah and Kindia areas in south-western Guinea, where there have been several cross-border incursions
人权高专办为属于民族或族裔、宗教和语言少数群体的人们发起了一项研究方案。A Fellowship Programme for persons belonging to national or ethnic religious and linguistic minorities has been launched by the OHCHR
全体会议审议了 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日中非共和国政府更迭后发生事件以来该国执行伯利制度的现状,并应该国当局邀请,决定向该国派遣审查团。The Plenary considered the status of implementation of the KPCS by the Central African Republic since the events related to the change of Government on ‧ arch ‧ and, at the invitation of the authorities, decided to send a review mission to that country
按照伯利进程证书制度文件第四节的设想,执行内部管制是证书制度机制的一个关键因素。Implementation of internal controls, as envisaged in Section lV of the KPCS document, is a crucial element of the mechanism of the Certification Scheme
我国代表团热烈欢迎阿富汗外交部长兰·达德法尔·斯潘塔先生阁下和巴基斯坦外交部长沙·马哈茂德·库雷希先生阁下出席本次辩论会。My delegation warmly welcomes the presence of His Excellency Mr. Rangin Dâdfar Spantâ, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, and of His Excellency Mr. Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, at this debate
注意到 ‧ 年人口基金已支付惠给 ‧ 美元,这一数额将反映在人口基金 ‧ 两年期财务报表内Notes that UNFPA has disbursed $ ‧ in ex gratia payments in ‧ and that this amount will be reflected in the UNFPA financial statements for the biennium
收入分为经常资源、其他资源以及紧急救济和恢复Income consists of regular resources, other resources and funds for emergency relief and rehabilitation
请参加伯利进程的各国最迟在大会第五十七届会议上向大会提交一份有关业已取得的进展的报告Requests the countries participating in the Kimberley Process to present to the General Assembly, no later than its fifty-seventh session, a report on progress made
几天前,安理会成员同刚果民主共和国总统约瑟夫·卡比拉先生就刚果()冲突问题进行了坦诚交流。Several days ago, Council members had a candid exchange of views with President Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the conflict in that country
该领域所有改革的目标是向低收入就业男性和女性,尤其是具有受抚养子女者,提供与领取收入支助的家庭同样的福利The objective of all of the reforms in this area is to offer low-income working men and women, and especially those who have dependent children, the same benefits as are available to households receiving income support
例如,为了鼓励拥有房屋,新加坡制订了一项强制性社会安全储蓄计划:中央节约储计划,这项计划使工人能够购买自己的房子。To encourage home ownership, for example, Singapore developed a compulsory social security saving scheme, the Central Provident Fund scheme, which enables workers to buy their own homes
根据这份报告的预测,如果养老金随物价的上涨而增加,在这 ‧ 年时间里,社会福利缺口将为 ‧ 亿爱尔兰镑。Based on the projections in this report, the social welfare pensions shortfall would be £ ‧ million in ‧ years' time, if pensions were increased in line with prices
在开发计划署支助下,一个方案协调股--原先是为了协调塞米巴拉斯克问题东京国际会议的筹备工作而以哈萨克斯坦政府和开发计划署名义设立的--有效地用于协调捐助者的活动以及综合性塞米巴拉斯克救济和恢复方案的执行。With the support of UNDP, a Programme Coordination Unit (PCU), which was originally established to coordinate the preparations for the Tokyo International Conference on Semipalatinsk on behalf of the Government of Kazakhstan and UNDP, was effectively utilized to coordinate donors' activities and implementation of an integrated Semipalatinsk Relief and Rehabilitation Programme
此事涉及前苏维埃社会主义共和国联盟、乌克兰苏维埃社会主义共和国和白俄罗斯苏维埃社会主义共和国养恤基金前参与人。 通过执行基金与这些国家的转移协定,这些前参与人的养恤金已转到苏联社会保障基金,或由苏联政府收取他们的离职偿This matter concerns the former UNJSPF participants from the former USSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Byelorussian SSR whose pension benefits were transferred to the USSR Social Security Fund by application of the Fund's transfer agreements with those countries or who took withdrawal settlements that were received by the USSR Government
基本生活保障的领取者可以免费获得假牙。Basic livelihood recipients are provided with dentures free of charge
到举行选举时,刚果民主共和国武装部队(刚果()武装部队)将有 ‧ 个整编旅。By the time the elections are held, the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) will have ‧ integrated brigades
年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,大会第 ‧ 次全体会议根据第五委员会的建议, 任命下列人士为联合国工作人员养恤金委员会成员或候补成员,自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日起任期四年:瓦莱里娅·玛丽亚·冈萨雷斯·波塞女士(阿根廷)、安德烈·科瓦连科先生(俄罗斯联邦)、格哈德·茨勒先生(德国)、洛夫莫尔·马泽莫先生(津巴布韦)、穆罕默德·穆希特先生(孟加拉国)、菲利普·理查德·奥坎达·奥瓦德先生(肯尼亚)、托马斯·雷帕施先生(美利坚合众国)和山田纯先生(日本)。At its ‧ th plenary meeting, on ‧ ovember ‧ the General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Fifth Committee, appointed the following persons as members or alternate members of the United Nations Staff Pension Committee for a four-year term of office beginning on ‧ anuary ‧ s. Valeria María González Posse (Argentina), Mr. Andrei V. Kovalenko (Russian Federation), Mr. Gerhard Küntzle (Germany), Mr. Lovemore Mazemo (Zimbabwe), Mr. Muhammad A. Muhith (Bangladesh), Mr. Philip Richard Okanda Owade (Kenya), Mr. Thomas A. Repasch, Jr. (United States of America) and Mr. Jun Yamada (Japan
刚果民主共和国政府谴责此种公然违反 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议、主要是第 ‧ 段的行动,安理会在该段关切地注意到刚果解放运动秘书长和刚果争取民主联盟秘书长 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日发表的关于在杜部署特别部队的联合公报,并强调需要适当的条件,以便联合国刚果民主共和国特派团(联刚特派团)能在杜发挥作用,并确保在中立环境中讨论各有关武装团伙自愿解除武装和复员的问题。My Government denounces this flagrant violation of Security Council resolution ‧ of ‧ ovember ‧ principally paragraph ‧ in which the Council notes with concern the joint communiqué issued on ‧ ovember ‧ by the Secretaries-General of the Movement for the Liberation of the Congo and the Congolese Rally for Democracy concerning the deployment of a joint special force in Kindu, and stresses that appropriate conditions will be necessary to allow the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) to fulfil its role in Kindu and to ensure that discussions on the voluntary disarmament and demobilization of concerned armed groups take place in a neutral environment
但是,我发言不仅仅是为了对研究方案的成果表示承认,而且也是为了表达古巴政府对仍位于纽约的研究方案今年发生的令人遗憾的事件表示关切。However, I have taken the floor not only to recognize the results of the fellowship programme, but also to express the Cuban Government's concern about a regrettable event that occurred this year in the fellowship programme, which is still located in New York
向N. Al-Mutawalli女士提供了平山/教科文组织丝绸之路研究,以便在 ‧ 年间根据楔形文字铭文研究美索不达米亚与东方之间的贸易( ‧ 年)。A Hirayama/UNESCO Silk Roads Fellowship was awarded to Ms. N. Al-Mutawalli for studies during ‧ on trade between Mesopotamia and the East, using cuneiform texts
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