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  • cheerful       
    (adjv   )
  • happy             
    (adjv   )

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GNH; gross national happiness
gross national happiness index
return-to-happiness programme
money can't buy happiness
money can't buy happiness
happiness; happily; happy; merry; joyful; cheerful
happy; cheerful
joyful; happily; joy; happy; happiness; merry
happy birthday; Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I'm happy.
blessed; happy; happiness; joy
eudemonics; hedonomics
eudemonics; hedonomics
pleasure from helping others
pleasure from helping others

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zh 认识到家庭是社会的基本单位,因此应得到加强;家庭有权得到广泛的保护和支持;儿童的保护、养育和发展的首要责任在于家庭;并且社会所有机构都应尊重儿童的权利,保障儿童的福利,向父母、家人、法定监护人和其他保育人员提供适当的帮助,使儿童能够在安全和稳定的环境中,在快乐、关爱和理解的气氛中成长发展,同时铭记在不同文化、社会和政治制度中,存在着各种形式的家庭
en Recognizing that the family is the basic unit of society and as such should be strengthened, that it is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support, that the primary responsibility for the protection, upbringing and development of children rests with the family and that all institutions of society should respect the rights of the child and secure his or her well-being and render appropriate assistance to parents, families, legal guardians and other caregivers so that children can grow and develop in a safe and stable environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding, bearing in mind that in different cultural, social and political systems, various forms of family exist
zh 令我们感到自豪的是,亚美尼亚各企业正设法资助艺术和文化,投资于公共生活,并成为我们社会在追求幸福和生活质量过程中的伙伴。
en We are proud that Armenia's major enterprises are finding ways to contribute to art and culture, to invest in public life and to become partners in our society's pursuit of happiness and quality of life
zh 近几年,家庭政策特别强调父亲的作用以及为了子女的幸福加强这一作用的必要性。
en In recent years family policy has focused particularly on the role of fathers, and the necessity of strengthening their role in the best interests of children
zh 《反弹道导弹条约》产生于 ‧ 年时候的政治和外交现实,这一条约制度没有考虑到现在正出现的影响到美国人民安全和幸福的新威胁。
en As a political and diplomatic reality dating from ‧ the ABM Treaty regime did not contemplate the new threats that are emerging now and that affect the safety and well-being of
zh 尽管委内瑞拉曾经经历军事政变、基础工业的瘫痪、媒体的虚假报道、一系列恐怖行动以及后来企图破坏委内瑞拉民主的外部和内部集团所雇用的准军事恐怖分子雇用兵对委内瑞拉边界的渗透,委内瑞拉一直坚定不移地决心建设在社会和经济方面实现平衡的社会基础,摒弃社会排斥并旨在促进人民的幸福
en Although it had faced a coup d'état, paralysis of its basic industry, constant disinformation by the media, a number of terrorist acts and, latterly, the penetration of its territory by mercenary terrorist paramilitaries hired by external and internal groups wishing to destabilize its democracy, it had been unswerving in its determination to lay the foundations of a socially and economically balanced society, free of social exclusion and aimed at promoting the happiness of its people
zh 荷兰青少年和家庭方案的核心目标是推动建设一个使儿童能够安全和健康成长、发展才能、幸福生活、学习作良好公民并为未来做好适当准备的国家。
en The central goal of the Dutch youth and family programme is to contribute to a country where children can grow up safe and healthy, develop their talents, enjoy themselves, learn to be good citizens and be properly equipped for the future
zh 然而,如果我们要为我们两国人民建设一个幸福的未来,我们就必须从我们两国所经受的痛苦事件中汲取教训。
en However, we must learn lessons from the painful events suffered by our States if we want to build a happy future for our peoples
zh 我们今天开会却是为了庆祝一个快乐的日子,一个国家今天克服了过去的冲突和灾难。
en Today, we meet to celebrate a day of joy for a country that has overcome the conflicts and tragedies of the past
zh 幸福的家庭因所爱的人过早离去或者因为有人受伤而终生悲痛。
en Happy families end up grieving over the untimely demise of loved ones or because of those traumatized for life
zh 越南政府继续认为,为了所有人的幸福,公正的社会政策是发挥人民建国创造性的强大推动力。
en The Vietnamese Government continues to believe that just social policies, in pursuit of happiness for the people, constitute a strong driving force to release the people's creativity in nation-building
zh 外交决策人士和全球卫生专家已经表示需要一个共同的框架,来强调亟须应对全球卫生方面的挑战,以实现个人、国家和国际的安全;争取国家、区域和全球的幸福;促进低收入国家的经济和社会发展;并通过保障人权和提供人道主义援助,促进人类的尊严。
en Foreign policymakers and global health experts have expressed the need for a common framework that emphasizes the importance of addressing global health challenges, in order to provide human, national and international security; achieve national, regional and global economic well-being; foster economic and social development in low-income countries; and promote human dignity through the protection of human rights and the delivery of humanitarian assistance
zh 年 ‧ 月访问期间,特别代表在与南部各州协调委员会主席的会谈中强调,确保儿童在该委员会管辖范围内受到保护,享有权利和幸福十分重要。
en In his discussions with the Chairman of the Southern States Coordinating Council on his visit in June ‧ the Special Representative emphasized the importance of ensuring the protection, rights and welfare of children in activities under the Council's jurisdiction
zh 努力在非洲大陆减少乃至消灭冲突事关非洲人民的安宁和幸福
en The reduction and even the elimination of conflict in Africa are indispensable to the security and happiness of the African people
zh “强调男女平等和尊重所有家庭成员的一切人权和基本自由对家庭幸福和整个社会极为重要,注意到兼顾工作与家庭生活的重要性并确认父母双方都有抚育培养子女的共同责任原则
en “Emphasizing that equality between women and men and respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms of all family members are essential to family well-being and to society at large, noting the importance of reconciliation of work and family life and recognizing the principle that both parents have common responsibilities for the upbringing and development of the child
zh 过去一年的发展再度显示人民的权利和幸福受到了交战各方的危害。
en Developments over the past year have again shown that the rights and well-being of the population are jeopardized by the actions of warring parties
zh 今天,在安哥拉土地上埋布着数以千计的杀伤地雷,这足以提醒我们,与这类武器进行斗争是一个关系到渴望恢复正常幸福生活的人民日常生存的问题。
en Today, the presence on Angolan soil of thousands of anti-personnel mines is sufficient to remind us that the fight against that category of arms is a question of day-to-day survival for populations anxious to recover the happiness of a normal life
zh 总的后果是该体系的能力受到限制和人民幸福受损。
en The combined effect is to limit the capacity of the system and negatively affect the general well-being of the population
zh 让我们实现民主与和平全球化,但也让我们实现繁荣和幸福全球化。
en Let us globalize democracy and peace, but let us also globalize prosperity and well-being
zh 认识到联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处 执行主任两年期报告 所示,在实现《政治宣言》所定各项目标方面的进展情况参差不齐,并确认毒品问题仍是全球性挑战,对公众健康和安全以及人类的幸福,特别是儿童和年轻人的健康、安全和幸福构成严重威胁,而且危及经社和政治稳定及可持续发展,包括减轻贫穷工作,同时还导致暴力和犯罪,包括在城市地区
en Aware that progress has been uneven in meeting the goals set in the Political Declaration, as also reflected in the biennial reports of the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and recognizing that the drug problem is still a global challenge that constitutes a serious threat to public health and safety and the well-being of humankind, in particular children and young people, and that it undermines socio-economic and political stability and sustainable development, including efforts to reduce poverty, and causes violence and crime, including in urban areas
zh 妇女为家庭的幸福和社会的发展做出了巨大贡献,这一事实的完全意义尚没有得到认可或重视。
en Women make a huge contribution to the welfare of the family and to the development of society, a fact that is still not recognised or considered in its full importance
zh 但在现实中,儿童常常得不到幸福
en In reality, however, children are often deprived of happiness
zh 大韩民国尊重人的尊严和价值,尊重所有人追求幸福的权利。
en The ROK respects the human dignity and value and the right to pursue happiness of all people
zh 这些人生活在恶劣的条件下,被剥夺了作为人而应享有的幸福
en These people, living in miserable conditions, are deprived of routine human happiness
zh 序言部分的该段之后又是序言部分的另一段,其内容是:“强调在整个中东地区所有平民的安全和幸福的重要,并谴责对双方平民的一切暴力和恐怖行为,”。
en That preambular paragraph was followed by an additional preambular paragraph which read: “Emphasizing the importance of the safety and well-being of all civilians in the whole Middle East region, and condemning all acts of violence and terror against civilians on both sides,”
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