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  • cheerful       
    (adjv   )
  • happy             
    (adjv   )

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money can't buy happiness
money can't buy happiness
happiness; happily; happy; merry; joyful; cheerful
happy; cheerful
joyful; happily; joy; happy; happiness; merry
happy birthday; Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I'm happy.
blessed; happy; happiness; joy
eudemonics; hedonomics
eudemonics; hedonomics
pleasure from helping others
pleasure from helping others

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zh 我还要感谢我们尊敬的同事们和老朋友们,基米特尔·赞切夫大使、伊丽莎白·阿斯泰德·罗德里格斯大使和蒂博尔·托特大使,并预祝他们在新岗位上成功幸福和好运。
en I would also like to thank our distinguished colleagues and old friends, Ambassador Dimiter Tzantchev, Ambassador Elizabeth Astete Rodríguez and Ambassador Tibor Tóth, and wish them success in their new posts, happiness and good luck
zh 因此,必须确保山区的生态完整以及经济和社会活力,这样做不单是为了谋生机会和整体幸福已经危危可岌的山区居民,也是为了低地的居民。
en Consequently, there is a need to ensure the ecological integrity and economic and social viability of mountain areas, for the sake of both mountain inhabitants, whose livelihood opportunities and overall well-being are at stake, and of the inhabitants in lowland areas
zh 愿真主赐予你们和平、仁爱和幸福
en May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you
zh 乌兹别克斯坦首都塔什干最受人景仰的标志之一是幸福母亲纪念碑,这绝非偶然。
en It is no coincidence that one of the most respected symbols of the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, is the monument of the Happy Mother
zh 我再次呼吁你和身居要职的其他人员采取一切必要措施,维护平民的生命和幸福,努力争取和平解决武装冲突。
en I once again appeal to you and others in positions of authority and responsibility to take all necessary measures to safeguard the life and well-being of civilians and to pursue a resolution of the conflict by peaceful means
zh 最后,银行正在与巴拉圭进行技术合作,以计量土著民族的生活状况,同时把文化、环境和经济变量纳入调查问卷,这些问卷可以从土著角度了解对幸福的看法。
en Lastly, technical cooperation is being provided in Paraguay in order to measure the living conditions of indigenous peoples by including cultural, environmental and economic variables in survey questions and thereby to record indigenous people's perceptions of well-being
zh 最后,我祝大会特别会议每一个参加者身体健康、快乐幸福
en Finally, I wish each participant in the special session of the General Assembly health, happiness and well-being
zh 因此,它们需要国际合作,这种国际合作不仅提供资源,而且缩小信息差距,帮助建设能力,促进公平的贸易制度,保护资源基础,并创造就业机会和使人民幸福
en Therefore, they need international cooperation that not only makes available resources but also reduces the information gap, helps build capacity, promotes a fair trading regime, protects the resource base and generates employment and the well-being of the people
zh 联邦 ‧ 年《工作场所关系法》的主要目的,是为确立工作场所合作关系提供一个框架,以促进澳大利亚的经济繁荣和人民的安康幸福
en The principal objective of the federal Workplace Relations Act ‧ was to provide a framework for cooperative workplace relations, to promote the economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia
zh 如果 你 因為 行善 得到 快樂是 對 你 善意 行為 本身 的 回報
en If you felt joy for doing good, then it must be a reward for your own virtuous deeds
zh 促进海洋的可持续管理和利用是消除贫穷、确保粮食安全、维持经济繁荣和今世后代幸福的工作的一部分;海洋科学和技术在其中发挥重要作用。
en The important role of marine science and technology in promoting sustainable management and use of the oceans and seas as part of efforts to eradicate poverty, to ensure food security and to sustain economic prosperity and the well-being of present and future generations
zh Masha 你 太 幸福 了 Lerich, 所有 和 婚禮 這些 人, 就 想 瘋了 一樣
en You are such a lucky gitl, Mashka.- Lerich, they are just driving me crazy with this wedding
zh 发言人用种族发展一词来描述另一种发展模式,该模式首先要保证参与发展进程的人民的幸福,而不是某些国际公司或某些国家官员或技术专家的利润和利益。
en The speaker used the term ethno-development to describe an alternative model of development which was concerned first and foremost with ensuring the well-being of the people involved in the development process and not with profits or benefits for some international corporation or some national bureaucrats or technocrats
zh 我谨借此机会提请大会注意我们正在乌兹别克斯坦为了儿童的幸福所作的努力,以便建设一个适合我们儿童的幸福、和谐生长的世界。
en I would like to take this opportunity to draw the Assembly's attention to the efforts we are making in Uzbekistan for the prosperity of children in order to build a world fit for a happy, harmonious life for our children
zh 祝大家圣诞快乐,新年幸福
en Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year
zh 或许现在正式应该明白的时候了,这样做会使我们更快乐,肯定也更安全。
en Perhaps it is time to understand that this is what would probably make us happier and certainly more secure
zh 他简要介绍了不丹第九个五年发展计划( ‧ 年),这一计划将以“全国共同幸福”的概念为其发展哲学,强调发展需要以人为中心。
en He outlined Bhutan's Ninth Five Year Development Plan for the period ‧ based on its development philosophy which is rooted in the concept of “Gross National Happiness” emphasizing the need for a people centred development
zh 计划制定了 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年将实施的公共政策,加强国内促进、保护、维护、实现和切实行使人权的机制,与自然和世界保持和谐与平衡,目的是使全体人民获得“幸福生活”。
en The plan sets forth the public policies that will be implemented between ‧ and ‧ to strengthen the country's mechanisms for the promotion, protection, defence, realization and effective exercise of human rights, in harmony and balance with nature and the cosmos, with a view to enabling the whole population to “live well”
zh 《因诺琴蒂报告单》在六个层面对经济合作与发展组织(经合组织)成员国的儿童福祉状况进行了富有创新性的比较分析。 这六个层面是:物质上的福祉状况;健康和安全;教育;与同伴和家庭的关系;行为和风险;青少年自身的主观幸福感。
en The Innocenti Report Card has presented an innovative comparative analysis of child well-being in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries along six dimensions: material well-being; health and safety; education; peer and family relationships; behaviours and risks; and young people's own subjective sense of well-being
zh 过境移徙的出现和发展会引发一些反弹现象和行为,如不慎重对待,就会产生一些随时准备乘人之危,剥削迫切寻求幸福的贫穷移徙者的集团或网络。
en The emergence and development of transit migration promotes reflexes and behaviours which, if we are not careful, give rise to the emergence of groups or networks prepared to exploit the misery of those poor migrants in their desperate quest for happiness
zh 年 ‧ 月的《阿姆斯特丹宣言》,其中的四个研究方案“确认,除了重大气候变化的威胁外,日益关切人类不断增加改变全球环境的其他方面及对人类幸福产生的影响”。
en ee Amsterdam Declaration, July ‧ in which four research programmes “recognize that, in addition to the threat of significant climate change, there is growing concern over the ever-increasing human modification of other aspects of the global environment and the consequent implications for human well-being”
zh 考虑到加强我们两国的睦邻关系,对大力推动中美洲经济和文化一体化以及我们两国可持续的人的发展,共谋我们两国人民的幸福,具有根本重要性
en Bearing in mind that the strengthening of our good-neighbourly relations is essential to the energetic promotion of Central American economic and cultural integration and the sustainable human development of our countries for the benefit of our peoples
zh 要想以健康和幸福的状态进入老年,需要个人的终生努力,以及这种努力可以成功的环境。
en To reach old age in good health and well-being requires individual efforts throughout life and an environment within which such efforts can succeed
zh 人口基金还认为,这些目标是实现持续与可持续的社会和经济发展,以满足人类需求、确保幸福和保护所有生命赖以生存的自然资源的全部努力的组成部分。
en UNFPA believes that these goals are an integral part of all efforts to achieve sustained and sustainable social and economic development that meets human needs, ensures well-being and protects the natural resources on which all life depends
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