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陈露Lu Chen
陳露Lu Chen
晨露morning dew
赤身露体completely naked
赤身露體completely naked
出露to emerge
初露first sign (of budding talent)
初露才华to display one's ability for the first time; first sign of budding talent
初露才華first sign of budding talent; to display one's ability for the first time
酱曲露尾甲carpophilus hemipterus
洁面露cleansing lotion
潔面露cleansing lotion
类加洲十齿小蠹ips paraconfusus
reveal; to expose; dew; to betray; nectar; surname Lu; to reveal; outdoors (not under cover); syrup; to show
露白to betray one's silver (money) when traveling; to reveal one's valuables inadvertently
露背backless (garment); halterneck
露壁nipa palm
露齿to grin
露丑to make a fool of oneself
露醜to make a fool of oneself
露富to reveal one's wealth inadvertently
露根栽植bare root planting
露茜Lucy (from the Narnia chronicles)
露台patio; balcony; terrace; ancient imperial celestial observation terrace; flat roof
露臺terrace; patio; ancient imperial celestial observation terrace; balcony; flat roof
露袒exposed; uncovered; naked
露相to show one's true colors
露阴癖flashing; indecent exposure
露陰癖indecent exposure
沐浴露shower gel
欧洲露莓rubus caesius
泡泡浴露bubble bath lotion
润肤露body lotion
潤膚露body lotion
闪露to reveal momentarily
閃露to reveal momentarily
上齿upper teeth
霜露; frost and dew
松露猪truffle hog
松露豬truffle hog
西米露sago pudding; tapioca pudding
下齿bottom teeth
泻露leak out
油菜花露尾甲meligethes aeneus
玉露如珠jade dew like pearls (idiom)
绽露to appear (formal)
綻露to appear (formal)

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我 也 有 同 的 秘密 名字, 舒? 达I, too, have an ancient, secret name Lucita
而玻璃离聚体或树脂离聚体一般是齿根或齿颈上细小牙洞的最佳选择。Glass ionomers or resin ionomers are typically the preferred choice for small cavities on the necks or roots of teeth, and small cavities in primary teeth
d. 新增关于防止走消息或禁止透露已编制和上报可疑交易报告的条例Adding regulation on anti-tipping off, or the prohibition to inform that STR has been compiled and reported
lein女士(卢森堡)说,她刚刚受到卢森堡警方发来的最新统计资料 ‧ 年发生了 ‧ 起强奸案、 ‧ 起猥亵案和 ‧ 起阳癖案。Ms. Klein (Luxembourg) said that she had just received new statistics from the Luxembourg police: in ‧ there had been ‧ rapes ‧ cases of indecent assault and ‧ cases of exhibitionism
* 参加审查本来文的委员会委员有:安藤仁介先生、普拉富拉钱德拉·纳特瓦尔拉尔·巴格瓦蒂先生、阿尔弗雷多·卡斯蒂列罗·奥约斯先生、莫里斯·格莱莱-阿汉汉佐先生、埃德温·约翰逊先生、瓦尔特·卡林先生、艾哈迈德·陶菲克·哈利勒先生、拉杰苏默·拉拉赫先生、迈克尔·奥弗莱厄蒂先生、伊丽莎白·帕尔姆女士、拉斐尔·里瓦斯·波萨达先生、奈杰尔·罗德利爵士、伊万·希勒先生、伊波利托·索拉里·伊里戈达先生、丝·韦奇伍德女士和罗曼·维鲁谢夫斯基先生。* The following members of the Committee participated in the examination of the present communication: Mr. Nisuke Ando, Mr. Prafullachandra Natwarlal Bhagwati, Mr. Alfredo Castillero Hoyos, Mr. Maurice Glèlè Ahanhanzo, Mr. Edwin Johnson, Mr. Walter Kälin, Mr. Ahmed Tawfil Khalil, Mr. Rajsommer Lallah, Mr. Michael O'Flaherty, Ms. Elisabeth Palm, Mr. Rafael Rivas Posada, Sir Nigel Rodley, Mr. Ivan Shearer, Mr. Hipólito Solari-Yrigoyen, Ms. Ruth Wedgwood and Mr. Roman Wieruszewski
定于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日星期四下午 ‧ 时至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分在西台(联合国大厦四楼)举行由最不发达国家、内陆发展中国家和小岛屿发展中国家高级代表办公室(最不发达等国家高代办)和国际农业发展基金(农发基金)安排的关于“通过小额信贷赋予妇女力量”的圆桌会议,这是启动 ‧ 年国际小额信贷年的一项特别活动。There will be a round table on “Empowering women through microcredit”, organized by the Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Land Locked Developing Countries and Small Island States (UN-OHRLLS) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), as one of the special events on the occasion of the launch of the International Year of Microcredit ‧ on Thursday ‧ ovember ‧ from ‧ to ‧ p.m. at the West Terrace ( ‧ th floor of the United Nations Building
的确,似乎只要工作人员代表在这一论坛一下面,行政当局便算是履行了《工作人员细则》第八章规定的与工作人员协商的义务。Indeed, it appeared that their mere presence in that forum was all that the Administration required to meet its obligation under chapter ‧ of the Staff Rules to consult with the staff
* 委员会下列委员参加审查本来文:安藤仁介先生、普拉富拉钱德拉·纳特瓦尔拉尔·巴格瓦蒂先生、佛朗哥·德帕斯卡先生、瓦尔特·卡林先生、艾哈迈德·陶菲克·哈利勒先生、拉杰苏默·拉拉赫先生、拉斐尔·里瓦斯·波萨达先生、奈杰尔·罗德利爵士、马丁·舍伊宁先生、伊万·希勒先生、伊波利托·索拉里·伊里戈达先生、丝·韦奇伍德女士、罗曼·维鲁谢夫斯基先生和马克斯韦尔·约尔登先生。n ‧ ctober ‧ in accordance with rule ‧ of its rules of procedure, the Human Rights Committee, acting through its Special Rapporteur on new communications, requested the State party not to execute the death sentence against Mr. Lyashkevich, pending the determination of the case by the Committee. As it transpired from the State party's submission
因此,除了为啮齿动物提供栖息之地外,对旧轮胎的处置也是蚊虫病媒传播的一个风险因素,并且被认为是一个公共卫生问题,特别是在热带国家。“Fumigation is associated with government responsiveness, even though it only kills adult mosquitoes and within a week the larvae have matured and we are back to square one.” As a result, the disposal of used tyres constitutes a risk factor for the spread of mosquito vectors, in addition to harbouring rodents, and is considered a problem from a public health perspective, especially in tropical countries
台区共 ‧ 个座席,其中 ‧ 个将分配给非政府组织。Non-governmental organizations will be allotted ‧ of the ‧ seats in the balcony area
* 委员会下列委员参加了对本来文的审查工作:安藤仁介先生、普拉富拉钱德拉·纳特瓦尔拉尔·巴格瓦蒂先生、阿尔弗雷多·卡斯蒂列罗·奥约斯先生、莫里斯·格莱莱-阿汉汉左先生、瓦尔特·卡林先生、艾哈迈德·陶菲克·哈利勒先生、拉斐尔·里瓦斯·波萨达先生、奈杰尔·罗德利爵士、马丁·舍伊宁先生、伊万·希勒先生、伊波利托·索拉里·伊里戈严先生、丝·韦奇伍德女士、罗曼·维鲁谢夫斯基先生和马克斯韦尔·约尔登先生。he author submits that the Committee is competent to determine whether a reservation is compatible with the object and purpose of the Covenant and that the effect of any finding that the German reservation is incompatible with the object and purpose of the Optional Protocol is that it will be generally severable, in the sense that the Covenant will be operative for the State party without the benefit of the reservation. For him, the State party has no legitimate interest in upholding its reservation, after having signed Protocol No ‧ to the European Convention, which contains a general prohibition of discrimination. The author concludes that the reservation is invalid and does not preclude the Committee from examining his claims under article
年 ‧ 月,法国护卫舰扣留Camouco号渔船,指控渔船在克罗泽专属区(法属南部和南极区领土)非法捕捞齿鱼,危害种群繁殖。In September ‧ the Camouco was arrested by a French frigate allegedly for unlawful fishing of toothfish in the exclusive economic zone of Crozet (French Southern and Antarctic Territories) and thus endangering the renewal of the stock
人类大多通过吸入传病媒介的分泌物和排泄物形成的浮质而感染,这些传病媒介是森林中的啮齿动物。Human infection occurs most frequently through inhaling the aerosols formed through the secretions and excretions of the vectors, which are forest-dwelling rodents
为加蓬第一夫人、我们无限缅怀的艾迪特·西·邦戈·翁丁巴女士的逝世,向哈吉·奥马尔·邦戈·翁丁巴阁下、加蓬共和国政府和人民以及德尼·萨苏-恩格索阁下、刚果共和国政府和人民表示诚挚哀悼。Extend our sincere condolences to His Excellency, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba and the Government and people of the Gabonese Republic, and to His Excellency Mr. Denis Sassou Nguesso and the Government and people of the Republic of the Congo, for the sad loss of the First Lady of Gabon, the late Mrs. Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba
你 已? 经 四年 半? 没 在? 这 ? 过 面 了 , 真是 不? 错You' ve been clean here for about four and a half years
委员会目前的组成情况如下:汉斯·范豪特教授(主席);约翰·克鲁克先生(由厄立特里亚委派);詹姆斯·保罗教长(由埃塞俄比亚委派);西·雷德女士(由厄立特里亚委派)。The current composition of the Commission is: Professor Hans Van Houtte (President); Mr. John Crook (appointed by Eritrea); Dean James Paul (appointed by Ethiopia); and Ms. Lucy Reed (appointed by Eritrea
波兰 ‧ 年初发展端倪,这种发展如果说在某种程度上姗姗来迟的话,也为市场带来有益的变化。The buds of growth which had appeared in the country in ‧ delivered beneficial, if somewhat delayed, changes to the market
欧洲联盟委员会的结论认为,啮齿动物研究表明,剂量与肝、甲状腺和肾中的腺瘤和恶性肿瘤增长有关。The EU concluded that rodent studies showed dose related increases in adenomas and carcinomas in the liver, thyroid, and kidney
* 委员会下列委员参加审查本来文:阿卜杜勒法塔赫·奥马尔先生、普拉富拉钱德拉·纳特瓦尔拉尔·巴格瓦蒂先生、阿尔弗雷多·卡斯蒂列罗·奥约斯先生、佛朗哥·德帕斯卡先生、莫里斯·格莱莱-阿汉汉佐先生、沃尔特·卡林先生、艾哈迈德·陶菲克·哈利勒先生、拉杰苏默·拉拉赫先生、拉斐尔·里瓦斯·波萨达先生、奈杰尔·罗德利爵士、马丁·舍伊宁先生、伊波利托·索拉里·伊里戈达先生、丝·韦奇伍德女士、罗曼·维鲁谢夫斯基先生。Dates of arrest warrants not specified
生殖毒性:在对啮齿动物和貂进行的实验中发现,采用乙型六氯环己烷治疗会对生殖系统产生负面影响(卵巢萎缩、动情周期延长、卵巢周期紊乱、雌性排卵率下降、精子和/或精子细胞数减少、生精小管恶化以及雄性动物睾丸萎缩)。Reproductive toxicity: Adverse reproductive effects after beta-HCH treatment have been observed in laboratory rodents and minks (ovarian atrophy, increased length of estrous cycle, disruption of ovarian cycling, decreased ovulation rate in female, and a decrease in the number of sperm and/or spermatids, degeneration of seminiferous tubules and testicular atrophy in male animals
委员会讨论的背景是全球经济复苏初端倪,而这种情况伴随着持续不断的地缘政治不确定性以及在坎昆会议上遭受的挫折。The backdrop to the discussion had been the fledgling global economic recovery, which was fraught with continuing geopolitical uncertainties and had suffered a setback at the Cancún Conference
你 看到 他們 怎 么 對 西 的 嗎 ?Did you see what they did to Lucy?
与会者注意到,由于数字鸿沟刚端倪,也为计算机犯罪带来了新的可能性。It was noted that the emerging nature of the digital divide provided new possibilities for computer-related crime
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